The EU Commission, according to a media report, the plans of the US giant Facebook for the digital currency Libra under the microscope.

The competition authorities are aware of the possibility that Facebook and the in the Libra Association firms an unauthorized manner may exclude a competitor, wrote in the financial service Bloomberg, citing a Commission document.

there are, among other things, also about how Facebook Libra wool in its existing services such as the Chat App WhatsApp integration – as well as how user data should be used, it said. Libra was developed at Facebook, but the Geneva-based Libra Association manages.

Facebook, there should be only one of the members, without special rights. The Online network announced, but at the same time, that in WhatsApp and his second chat service Messenger only the in-house digital Libra-wallet with the name Calibra can be directly integrated to be.

Officially, the EU Commission did not comment on request.

Facebook wants to make Libra in the coming year, available to consumers, the idea is that politicians and Central banks in part to massive resistance. The digital currency to buy with U.S. dollars or euros. To be among the first partners of the project, two dozen private companies such as Mastercard, Visa, Paypal, and Uber good. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg sees the currency first, especially for cross-border Transfers of advantage. To avoid price fluctuations, to Libra linked to established currencies and government bonds are hedged. Facebook had previously stressed to want to before the introduction of the monetary concerns of regulators to eliminate.

The EU’s competition authorities had Facebook taken in the past to the visor. Due to misleading information on the possible data merging with the Acquisition of WhatsApp, the company had to pay some 110 million euros penalty.

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