Netflix reveals secrets to “Witcher”series Fans but it could be

Wednesday, 31 disappointed. October, 19.00: Little is know about the Netflix series of the video game Hit “The Witcher”. A while ago Netflix has announced that the Briton Henry Cavill give the name Witcher to Geralt embody of Riva. Now the TV series from the US giant has published on Twitter a costume Test, and thus for the first time, a look at one of the costumes given, which will carry Cavill as the Witcher Geralt. And by the way, Fans will get to see how the will look, among other things, from “the Passion of The Christ” actor in his role.

The video games from the Witcher universe and Geralt’s look, while carved in stone, but Witcher Fans still have a pretty solid idea of the sword-wielding monster Stalker. And could be disappointed by what it has shown Netflix on Wednesday. CD Projekt Red, the main character in “the Witcher”game series of the word barren is Geralt – he will be played in the series by Henry Cavill

From the last, and by far the most successful offshoot of the series, Fans know Geralt as something in the years come beard with a long, gray mane. The Beard seems to be missing Cavill in the series, and completely, only the long hair has taken over Netflix. Also the armor of the warlock seems to be a bit easier than the video-game-template. The explanation for this is obvious: The series is temporally prior to the action of the games – and there’s a couple of years was part of Geralt is just younger than in the last series.

Netflix wants to publish the series around the warlock and his foster daughter Ciri 2019.

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