North Africa, 1941. At dawn, British soldiers get ready to storm the Halfaya Pass and to get rid of the axis powers besieged city of Tobruk. With a loud, accompanied by the Howling of the shells, the “Tommy’s sprint’s Call” in the direction of the German positions – a wild and desolate fight without mercy unfolds.

The weapons: assault rifles, bazookas, spade. In the sky fighter planes pull your circles, Bomber crash down to the ground troops. Tanks rattling through the desert sand, passing away in blinding explosions. At the end of hundreds of men and women lie dead in the desert dust.

Immersive battlefield atmosphere, there are not

What sounds like a scene from a historical movie, is actually a section from the Multiplayer-Shooter “Battlefield 5”, the latest part of the “Battlefield”series. Two teams in different scenarios – war historical or fictional. Display Now Battlefield 5 online order

The newest part of the Shooter series back to its origins in the Second world war. On the side of the British or the axis powers ‘5″ up to 64 players fight in “Battlefield on huge maps for the win. Players will need to conquer important flag points on the map, the battles are the same on multiple cards. Dice Games A scene from the Muktiplayer-person Shooter “Battlefield 5”

it is unique in That We are not only walking, but can be used to control the Kübelwagen on the Spitfire fighter aircraft to the Tiger tank, all the well-known device of the largest war in the history of mankind. If we don’t just sit at the controls of a tank, we have access to machine guns, rifles and other killing tools, to go to our opponents at the virtual collar mirror.

In the Interaction with the other players on a map, the result is a pack end of the battlefield atmosphere full of Chaos, war and destruction. In addition to the Multiplayer mode, the heart of every “Battlefield”, the latest part of the “war Stories” also a single player mode. Is to enjoy with caution, but more on that later.

New Multiplayer king with bombastic technology

The Multiplayer modes of “Battlefield 5” are mainly due to their dynamics. Each of the flag points inflame on a map regularly fierce battles, the front line moves steadily, constantly rethinking is required.

for the First time in the series history, we can build at certain points on a map and even fortifications. Finally, it makes sense (and fun) to defend a flag point to rush to the next. Dice Games Battlefield 5

The Matches are not over, then after a game, but to draw dynamically multiple cards. The above-described scene, for example, is part of such an Operation, in which the British must first of all German artillery off, before you storm the Halfaya Pass, and finally an airfield attack. Depending on the outcome of a (partial)Match, the attacker have it in the next harder or easier.

Technically, Battlefield 5″ is a new reference in the Shooter-is likely to “Genre. The Frostbite Engine creates an impressive graphics on the screens. The animations are butter soft, the landscapes are bursting with Details, the Wind is blowing leaves across the field of battle and the explosions look like something out of a Hollywood Film imports. “Battlefield 5” is a feast for the eyes.

not to speak Of the Sound – rare battle have call so real, grenade strikes as heavy Spitfire engines so true to life belongs to. With the appropriate Hardware for the players to be a technology that can get masterpiece into the house.

in the Front

A further innovation: for the First time in the series history, we can draw female game characters into battle. A playful, seen-it makes no difference, just visually, what changes. Nevertheless, Battlefield 5 will feel “” with this Feature, such as a game of 21. Century – there is simply no reason why we should not fight as Helga or Anna to flag points or front lines. Dice Games are represented for the First time in “Battlefield 5” and women

may, Historically, be seen that, apart from a few exceptions, Humbug. Who product, such as “Battlefield 5” is also looking for historical accuracy in entertainment, will interfere in some other inaccuracies. And also the question as to who screwed up on the home front, the grenades or the bomb nights in Air-RAID shelters has spent.

Teamwork between Chaos and cooperation

team work in all the different multi-player modes, and regardless of the virtual gender duty – players are organized into Squads of four players, in which they fill different roles. The infantryman, for example, will RPGs, the medic can revive fallen comrades.

The two remaining classes, supporter and scout ammo boxes and shoot enemies from a great distance with the sniper spread rifle. The Interaction of the individual classes has improved developer Dice felt – in comparison to the predecessors, in which Squads were mostly made of single fighters, help the players more often now to each other, distribute ammo or bandages, to build trenches.

veterans of the series can look forward to, but also on the “Battlefield”of the typical Chaos on the battlefield. The by the use of explosives to the rolling bomb is a must car converted premises in any series.

of the more fun in “Battlefield 5” by the wonderfully-designed and balanced maps. will be Crowned From the deserts of North Africa, across the fields of France to the icy fjords of Norway, the virtual war is raging on a total of eight different maps – more are to follow in the Form of free Download cost packages.

in addition, 37 different weapons and 24 vehicles and aircraft available to us. The scope of the “Battlefield 5” is already in the Release version. In addition to new cards should be delivered in the near future in addition, new game modes and additional content. EA Digital Illusions CE Battlefield 5

“war Stories” fall down by means of

in addition to the fantastic multi-player modes, Battlefield 5, with “” a single-player campaign. In the run-up to full-bodied announced “war Stories” to tell in three chapters of different, non-related stories – such as the Deme, a black infantryman from Senegal.

The fight for the liberation of France to a homeland he has never seen and whose white inhabitants met him with racism and disgust. That sounds exciting, but the opportunity to dig deeper into the little-told stories of the otherwise ubiquitous Second world war.

Playfully seen to fall off but so far all the “war Stories”. Although the Chapter offer each other a lot of variety – the history of Deme about plays a much more action-Packed than the Norwegian resistance fighter Solveig, must be mainly silent against their Nazi oppressors.

“Battlefield 5” on the Sony console, damn good. The Gameplay is fast-paced, the Match Making is working tip-top. The only thing that textures have to Reload often, is quite annoying. Often a level POPs up the object and looks in the first Moment as an opponent. Here, Dice should make improvements. Summa summarum: if you are into shooting Action with Gameplay on the big screen, should have access to. (Julian Rohrer)

Within each Chapter, but players get only well-staged shooting galleries with a moderate opponent intelligence. Again, we have to defend as a Deme about a just conquered the German position against a counter attack – in the us the storm of the Wehrmacht as startled spring forces to run cattle in front of the virtual shotgun.

Demanding the Stories to be just on the higher of the four difficulty, because the character can take only two to three hits once, and not several dozen. So, while remaining an honorable and quite a good wish for a narrative approach to the single-player mode of “Battlefield 5”, the ambitious targets but are boots of the game of mediocrity. Here, more would have been there.


“Battlefield 5” is safe even now, the Shooter king of the year. Especially in the multiplayer mode, everything is just right, maps, Teamplay, Chaos. No wish remains unfulfilled. The “war Stories” do not come over mediocrity.

there’s No question that “Battlefield 5” is a Multiplayer game and is clear to the target audience of such Games. Anyone looking for thrilling and at the same time playful requesting single-player world war-fare, but this is out of place.

All of the other hundreds of hours of gameplay, and Publisher Electronic Arts get already in the Release-Version for about 60 euros will make the next time more content part free of charge. Who pays the extra cost for the Deluxe Edition, get additional, primarily cosmetic content, such as uniforms and helmets.

“Battlefield 5” will be released for Playstation 4 and Xbox One, as well as for Microsoft Windows. Who wants to play the Game on the PC, you should make sure beforehand that the device meets the minimum requirements. The brilliant technique in the price of their Hardware. Release date is cross-platform the 20. November. Only those who buy the Deluxe Version, or a different EA customer programs, take part in earlier to get started.

conclusion: 4.5 out of 5 garnet sleeves

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