Netflix had Underdogs in the entertainment industry a long time the reputation of the lovable. Filmmakers loved the group, because he was also unusual niche projects the green light, which appeared to be of the traditional Hollywood machine lucrative enough. The audience appreciated that the Streaming platform broke with the traditional viewing habits: New episodes are not aired in a weekly cycle, but all at once provided. Everyone gets on his preferences customized recommendations. And the platform is available on all devices, from Smartphone to television.

was cracked by the time the magical mark of 100 million subscribers, was all aware of this: Netflix is here to stay. Now 150 million users worldwide, a monthly fee, the annual turnover is 15.8 billion US dollars. The Figures are impressive. But the fat years may be over soon. Because the former allies are enemies to resist.

the struggle for the spectator

“Netflix‘ worst nightmare come true,” overwrote Forbes recently an article in its Online edition. The reason for the gloomy forecast: The streaming service will lose in the coming months, some of its most popular content, including audience Hits such as “Friends” and “The Office.”

A departure will hurt Netflix in particular: Disney is launching a Streaming platform and pulls back, therefore, at the end of the year, his films and series from Netflix‘ catalog. Who now thinks, it’s only a few cartoons, you are wrong: Disney belong to the most successful films of the past few years, including all of the Marvel super hero movies and the “Star Wars”series. Since the Acquisition of Fox famous animation brands such as the Simpsons to Mickey-Mouse-group also belong to the world.

In the coming months, Netflix will be able to watch customers, such as the film piece by piece tiles will be less. A study by the analysis firm Jumpshot that more than half of the currently 50 most popular Netflix Shows, other stations want to join in the near future into the Streaming business. For the group, this is a huge problem: While the elaborate in-house productions provide a talking point, at the end of a lot of Fans look still classic such as “Friends”. These are no longer there, the perhaps soon also for the customers.

The mountain of debt grows

For Netflix, this development is not surprising, which is why the group is now a fortune in the production of own content. In the past year, the company invested twelve billion dollars, this year the amount is expected to rise to 15 billion. No company puts more money into content.

And yet the fight is hopeless. With corporations like Disney or AT&T (these include, among others, HBO, CNN and Warner Bros.) to keep up, piles up, Netflix, a huge mountain of debt. The group burns the money, although he has worldwide 150 million paying customers. Forever this can’t go on like this.

The new competition

That Netflix is able to deliver worldwide Hits, demonstrated to the group just a few days ago. The third season of “Stranger Things” broke all audience records: Within a few days of 40.7 million households watched the Mystery series, nearly one out of every five streamed the entire season in a weekend. The share climbs up in the direction of all-time. In the company’s headquarters in California’s Los Gatos Champagne was underway.

But the hangover could be severe. Because, at the latest, in the run-up to Christmas, the cards are reshuffled. Apple is to start in the autumn with Apple TV in the Streaming business. The iPhone manufacturer wants to focus on class instead of mass, and secured exclusive series from Steven Spielberg and “Aquaman”actor Jason Momoa. In mid-November Disney+ starts at a bargain price of 6.99 dollars in the USA, in the spring of 2020, the service is coming to Europe. In the coming year HBO Max repels then, here highly-acclaimed series such as “Game of Thrones”, “will be on view next to” Friends “of critics The Sopranos” and “Westworld” to.

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