The accusations weigh heavily: three years Ago, Clint W. wanted to invade, according to the Prosecutor’s office together with two accomplices in a game of hell, Texas, Harris County. The security guard, Enrique G. held her from, was injured by a shot fatal. The charge is murder. And anyway, W. was able to run thanks to a justice more than two weeks around posse completely without Supervision because he had not paid 305 dollars.

Actually, his freedom was tied to the court proceedings to the high requirements. W. had to pay $ 100,000 bail and was required to wear a GPS transmitter on your ankle, reports the American media consistently. However, in September, the operator of the transmitter had enough: Because W. didn’t pay the subscription charges for the Tracker, sent in September a member of staff to have the device back. Two weeks W. without any Monitoring on the loose, then he was arrested again.

star-DISKUTHEK end up in jail: prisons easy to get rid of this? By refusal to pay in the freedom

“The operator was upset because Mr. W. was with 305 dollars of fees in arrears,” said a Prosecutor of the district is the absurd measure to local stations, “ABC13”. Actually, the company Guarding Public Safety should inform the Prosecutor, if you remove a transmitter. However, this had not happened, said the top Prosecutor Teresa May to “KHOU”.

The operator is not contrary to the. “My company has repeatedly reported violations to the district, also because he still had not recharged the device, contrary to its obligations,” assured the company in writing to “ABC13”. “The connection was dead, we had no tracking or communication with the accused. The Removal of the device, we have reported immediately.”

The authority, subject to no complaints, explains May. You have ended the contract with Guarding Public Safety immediately, she said, “KHOU”. The defendant can decide for themselves which of the four companies leading the Monitoring. In the district of Harris County to be monitored, according to the Reports currently 173 of the murder suspects, with the help of electronic means free.

As a woman Notorious Gangster in disguise trying to escape from jail – but the Unique Situation

guards get suspicious, “It is a frightening loophole”, the Prosecutor Kim Ogg to “KHOU” horrified. Also the family of the victim has little understanding of the Posse. “This is really worrying. Since ringing, but ringing all the alarm,” said the son of the victim, “KHOU”. “Who monitors these people allowed to roam freely?”

The chief Prosecutor May, however, not a fundamental Problem. In 20 years, you have not experienced anything yet. From their point of view there is no loophole, she said, “ABC13”. The company had massively in breach of their contracts with the authorities. And the defendant was in breach of its obligations. As a consequence, he now sits in custody. Other crimes, he should have in his short Moment of freedom to the Knowledge of the authorities but not committed.

sources: ABC13, KHOU

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