Microsoft will change according to a report in his web browser Edge in the future on the technology of its rival Google.

The Software group have thrown because of the absence of success of EdgeHTML for the developers and users in the towel, reports the technology Blog “Windows Central”. Currently, the software build group under the code name “Anaheim” to a successor to Windows 10 on the Basis of the Web Engine to Chromium from Google, the Software-developers is free. Microsoft has not confirmed the plans, first.

the Edge was replaced three years ago with the old Internet Explorer. The new Browser should leave its predecessor in speed, security and user-friendly Features. The hope was, however, arrived, among others, due to instability, neither the users nor the developers as well as hoped, writes “Windows Central”.

According to calculations by the market research company Statcounter Edge came to the world in November to a user share of 2.2% in the old Internet Explorer was 2.8 percent, still significantly behind Google’s Chrome (61.8 percent), Apple’s Safari (15.1 percent), as well as the Firefox Browser from the Mozilla Foundation (4.9 percent).