A shaft, a rope, a cab, and an engine that balanced the Whole thing up and down. Each Elevator works for 160 years. The differences are gradual – some Fellow rumble to the God of mercy, others whizzing an arrow hundreds of meters in height – but the basic technique is always the same all over the world.

Only in Rottweil, Germany, this is different. There, the 246-Meter-high testing tower of ThyssenKrupp and here is the first Elevator without a rope works. The “Multi” refers to a conventional lift something like a super-fast magnetic train, a Huff of steam locomotive.

just like the Transrapid of the Super-lift magnetic fields to move around. “Our development has to do with the history of Thyssen Krupp,” said Michael Cesarz, Manager of the “Multi”-project of ThyssenKrupp, in an interview with the star. “The Transrapid was a project of Siemens and ThyssenKrupp and the engineers remained closely associated with us. So we had quite a lot of fundamental data on the basis of which you could umswitchen easier in the Vertical.”


The MULTI could even connect several skyscrapers.

©ThyssenKrupp PR Revolution in the Elevator shaft

After 160 years of rope to change elevators, the “Multi” anything. In the Era of the rope-lifts, the Elevator technology is not revolutionary upheavals. There were further developments of existing techniques to the limit of what is technically Possible, now the “Multi” a radical, completely new approach. Based on the Transrapid technology, the “Multi-uses” of a magnetic field. The cabin whizzes on a four-Millimeter-thin magnetic cushion up and down.

magnetic-levitation train 600 hours a km – Beijing builds the fastest train in the world By Gernot Kramper

But it is not so easy to get the Zugtechnologie from the Horizontal to the Vertical. “Unlike the Transrapid our cabin floats on the magnetic field,” says Cesarz. Train the force of gravity helped to stay on Track. “In the case of a movement in the height of the cabin from the magnetic field would not be control alone. The cabin is additionally held roles in Position.”

With this magnet technology means that the lift wear-free and without ropes. The waiver of ropes has scratches enormous importance for the construction of clouds. Heights of 300 metres and more have brought the conventional cable technology to its limit – just, taken. More and more elaborate Tricks to make it possible to stretch the lift height on this Dimension. This is the Essence of the weight of the ropes. The higher the tower, the longer and stronger must be the ropes. And the heavier you will be, too.


the Paternoster was able to change track when MULTI Soft is a bit more involved.

©Thyssen/Krupp PR “Multi” can also Dodge

The real highlight of the “Multis”, however, is its second advantage: Now that the cabin is no longer attached to a ton of rope, it can be more than just stoically up and down the cabin can move for the first time, to the side. In principle, arbitrarily far, in practice, you will be able to switch from shaft shaft. For the first time, can now move in a shaft several cabins independent of each other and you can overtake. For the same transportation capacity with less slots and by the Saving of area of the elaborate technique of the “Multis, it’s worth it”. “For our System you need a certain number of floors,” explains Michael Cesarz. “The “Multi” saves shafts and, thus, precious area in the building. Surface, which can then be used for residential or office space.”

Only for skyscrapers, Super-Slender toothpick-high-rises – the super want to reach beyond the clouds the life Of Gernot Kramper

All of the 20 to 25 meters can drive a cab, and with different speeds in a shaft. “So the cabins can overtake and even several cabins make sense in a shaft, we need to change the shafts. Through our Exchanger, a Soft, the cabin changes the direction, is the “Multi” is a very complex System.” A normal Elevator shaft is a hollow tube with a couple of metal braces and the dangling ropes, the shaft of the “Multi” is a high-tech Installation over hundreds of metres.

The area saving in the building needs to put the money that is invested in the expensive Elevator. “We need a certain amount to come in the area of profitability. From 150, 200 meters, the use of the “Multi-is” very profitable. In a house with three, four floors tend not to.”

sustainability in skyscrapers

In the operation of the “Multi” more economical deals than conventional systems of energy resources. Depending on your needs, you can adjust the number of cabins. The Peaks of the usage of the building in the Morning and at lunch time – in the meantime, you don’t need so many cabins. The “Multi” takes the extra cabins from the pits and parked it in the garage. Thus, the moving masses are reduced. And determine the energy requirements.

“there is a fundamental difference compared to conventional lifts: We are moving in the complete lightweight. Everything that has to do with the cabin, is technology from the air travel,” said Michael Cesarz. “A conventional cab can not be in contrast to the “Multi” ‘t difficult enough, you need to generate the high weight by friction on the pulleys.” The lightweight cabins and the Absence of the ropes of the “Multi” reduces the dynamic mass is enormous. In the case of a full-blown high-rise building of 300 meters, the ropes weigh 20 to 30 tons – this mass must be accelerated with every movement, and curbed – this costs valuable energy.

limits of cable technology

Conventional systems also suffer from the building and a lift to fluctuate shafts. High buildings must vary, otherwise they would break. The Burj Khalifa has the eleven elaborate shock, yet he swings like two meters. “For the Elevator, the fluctuation means that the machine-room-sits in doubt, even directly on the shaft – then the rope can suddenly saw,” said Michael Cesarz. A Problem of the “Multi” does not know. Another, to the lay person unknown Problem, is the so-called natural frequency of the ropes. With great effort, the rope must be frequency and building variation “decoupled”. The natural frequency of the houses is similar to those of the steel cables. In the case of strong winds, the two effects work together to vibrate the ropes to start. The “Multi” is not responding, however, sensitive to the fluctuations of the surrounding building.

What happens in case of a power failure?

But how is the security? A layman could think of a normal cabin, attached to a strong rope, the “Multi” is held in place by an invisible magnetic field in the air. “It is a complete misconception that the security of conventional systems based on the rope”, said Cesarz about this idea, which is stubbornly persisting. In fact, each Elevator has a mechanical brake. It works purely mechanically with springs and clamps the cabin, as soon as it moves too fast.

Super-Slender toothpick-high-houses – super-rich want to show through the clouds the life Of Gernot Kramper

Action and horror movies like a cabin with screaming inmates plunges into the depth, but actually this is not possible. When “Multi” is not, because he, too, has the statutory emergency brake. Should there be a power failure, to jump generators in the skyscrapers, to get to the most important functions, such as elevators in an upright position. “However, we do not rely solely on the generators,” says Cesarz safety technology. “We assemble high-performance batteries in the bays. A full cabin, shuts down, and feeds in about the required amount of energy to an empty cabin. This energy we save. We always have enough energy in the System, to drive in the event of a total blackout, every cabin at a safe floor.”

“Multi”Elevator in Berlin

Outside the tower in Rottweil will be the first “Multi” in the East Side Tower in Berlin into operation. The opening is planned for 2023. “The certification for the “Multi -” are we in 2022 have done. For this, we use our own test tower in Baden-Württemberg, because we can install everything we need,” said Michael Cesarz,. In the case of an external Partner, ThyssenKrupp can’t control the construction, of course, to the extent that in its own tower.

“Then we can serve worldwide markets. We know that we will have by 2050, two billion more people on this world, we know that cities are denser and the buildings are getting higher and higher.” Thanks to the “Multi” back now also building heights of 800 to 1000 meters in the area of construction and to Plan for.

In Germany, was conceived of the Magnet technology of the TRANS-rapids, explored, and then died a slow death. In China, the magnet trains are experiencing a stormy Renaissance without German participation. There’s a small industry, it is a political revenge, when the Elevator technology for the coming clouds could scratch in the middle Kingdom come from Germany.

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