To users of web pages with embedded “Like”Button from Facebook could have a further Opt-in click.

The European court of justice (ECJ) will decide today whether the operator of websites for the data processing responsible, if you include the “Like”button on the Online network.

the judges follow the request of the ECJ advocate General, the answer to this question is “Yes” – but only in a very restricted Form. Because it should only go to the transactions where the website provider is actually contributing to the decision on the means and purpose of data processing. User consent must be obtained before the data are collected and transmitted – in the case of the “Like”button, so, in principle, already when you call the page.

The “Like”Button transmits when the page is loaded the IP address and the web browser identifier, without that the button was clicked or if the user has a Facebook Account.

The judges in Luxembourg to deal with the “Like”Button due to a dispute between the consumer centre of North Rhine-Westphalia and the fashion Online Handed Fashion ID, Peek & Cloppenburg KG in Düsseldorf. The consumer Association had argued that the use of Like the “me”button was in breach of data protection law and cease and desist filed a lawsuit against Fashion ID.

The higher regional court of Düsseldorf asked the ECJ to the interpretation of several privacy provisions. As a result of German consumer associations, also have good prospects, to get your right of action in privacy issues at the European level is confirmed. Because of the ECJ’s advocate General noted in his opinion last December, that the new European data protection Directive and national laws to the contrary. The ECJ is not bound by his estimates, it follows you but in the majority of cases.

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