It is a heavy year for Huawei. In the spring it looked as if you could bump Samsung the end of the year, and thus earlier than planned – from the Smartphone throne. With the trade war with the USA, the sales figures in the West, but collapsed. Ban all Google Apps on the new Huawei devices in the West for massive sales problems. And now, the group must also admit that the solution may still be years away.

the group in the spring was still cocky. They have already developed their own operating systems, said Smartphone-chief Richard Yu in March the star. “You are fully ready for use, but only as a last resort. We should no longer be able to eventually use Android or Windows, we have you in the hindquarters.” As shortly after that Trumps spell came, announced, Huawei, to want to by the end of the year “Harmony” – called System publish. Now, the group is rowing back massively.

Bitter conflict Huawei defies the United States – and begins in Europe, the 5G network expansion DPA Wait for Harmony

The System could also be years away, confessed to Joy Tan, Vice-President for PR of the group, in an interview with the Financial Times. “We need to find alternative solutions for the Ecosystem, but it will take a while,” says Tan. The group is dependent on but, in order to be in the West successfully. “There are so many Android users in Europe and South-East Asia, they are so used to Google’s applications on Android devices.”

trump’s ban prohibits US companies, the cooperation with Chinese companies. With the Hardware you have quickly found Alternatives, so Tan. In the case of Software, this is a different situation. “The Worst are Google services. We can use Android as a platform, after all, it is an open Software. But that does not go with the services that need a lot of Apps to Work.”

the Huawei Mate 30 Pro is The most exciting Smartphone of the year – but with a huge hook Of painted Mans New Smartphones get without Google

While all of the older Huawei Smartphones work seamlessly with Google Apps, you need to do to make the new models such as the Mate 30 without essential standard apps like Chrome or Google’s Play Store. The group is not offering the device also in Germany in the first place.

Huawei is likely to be the pressure to get HarmonyOS to Run enormous. Year on year the Smartphone went on sale numbers, although still 27 per cent up, as the group announced a week ago. But this was primarily to devices that were not affected by the lock yet. At the beginning of the year, the sales figures of 39 percent, significantly steeper to the top.

photo duel: iPhone 11 vs. Huawei vs. Samsung: Who snaps at night, the better images? Fullscreen

at Night, a woman on the street about her a lantern. Admittedly, The subject is not very easy. At the start we therefore have four cameras compete against each other. Was included in each hands-free in the automatic. On the very left we see the iPhone 11 Pro, alongside last year’s model XS, then the brand-new Galaxy Note 10+, and finally, the Huawei P30 Per.

The differences are striking: The Huawei P30 Per shows the Scene clearly orange, how to recognize the face and the Zebra stripes in the Background. Also the level of detail is, as you can see in the top right window. The iPhone XS, the Details are missing compared to this year’s model. The road looks at Per clear plastic, the color of the coat is more realistic. The Galaxy Note 10+ hits, the face color is best, but the jacket looks too dark. Overall, a draw between Apple and Samsung.

©Christoph Fröhlich Huawei wants to see from

to fight the US Should get the ban, the future is still gloomy. Only the latest devices without Google services are eventually available, are likely to suffer sales in the West, including considerably. In the homeland China for Huawei continues to be by far the most important market – will be offered the devices anyway without Google programs. The dream of the world’s largest Smartphone manufacturer is no longer likely to be reachable.

Huawei is trying to find in Washington a solution to the conflict. There, the group tries to reach that you can continue to purchase safety-related parts, and services. So far, however, without great success. “We strive to make contact, but so far we have very few Meetings”; lamented Tan. “I still can with anyone from the government speak. And it’s not because I don’t try it.”

sources: Financial Times, Huawei

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