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For only 260 Euro Eufy RoboVac sucks 30C is also quite good


suction robots are becoming smarter – but also getting more and more expensive. For the Top models of famous brands, prices between 800 and 1000 euros will be requested. These devices can lot of also a whole. They offer a solid vacuum cleaner mechanics, but most of the money is spent on the Cleverness of the devices. You enter all the rooms, to create accurate maps of the whole house, via the Software you can draw boundary lines, and and and … But you also have to ask: you Must be a robot really so smart, he should eyes, only dust?

We have tried the “Eufy RoboVac 30C”. With a retail price of 260 euros, it is three to four Times cheaper than the Top-brand appliances. First Surprise: carton, packaging, and accessories neat and tidy, therefore, a Roomba can’t do better. Even a printed manual. The device itself is smaller and flatter than the vacuum cleaner from iRobot, Neato or Vorwerk.

This is good, because the RoboVac 30C may still be there under the hatch, where others get stuck. On the other hand, the device is also noticeably lighter, which is on less solid construction close. What concerns the Design, do not need to hide the cheap sucker in front of the more expensive cleaners. He definitely does not look “cheap”.

Wifi Yes, but no Mapping

From the Features, you have to make compromises. This device has Wi-Fi unlike its predecessor, the RoboVac 11S – but there is no viewable map of the apartment. For this, the device can now start the App and if it’s stuck somewhere, you can let it Beep, then you will find it easier. You can leave the device even by Alexa and Co start. The App facilitates the programming of the timer. It is a normal remote control is also included. Not entirely unimportant. Seniors can take the apps in inflation rather than an imposition, because, as a stroke of luck.

Warentest Stiftung Warentest examines vacuum cleaner for pet hair no one is convinced By Gernot Kramper

Our opinion: a Lot of the Apps, the market leader is a Gadget for technology Fans. A few Users have the joy to keep track of the suction tours of your robot on the virtual map. Or to call energetic “suction spurt the kitchen”, and the robot. Most of the customer program, however, the time and the Robbi then. In practice, plans – “corridor sophisticated Cleaning, bedroom only Thursday” – mostly banalities, such as a locked door in the way. The only real disadvantage of the Eufy: Without a map, also you can look no zones virtual lock, here it is necessary to arrange a magnetic rubber strip.

How sucks the cheap?

The navigation system can be described with “to be silly and affectionate”. Tender means that the cleaner detects most obstacles and about 0.5 inches in front of you stops. Other items he does not recognize so well, but then he pushes just tender against you. The the Top device of the Roomba can be better, but the Eufy is also not a bully, so how many robots have rammed a few years ago, the on duration of the varnish of the floor. We fear, however, that the Eufy leaves everywhere traces behind.

Stiftung Warentest In the Test: Good vacuum cleaners are expensive, cheap devices disappoint By Gernot Kramper

Stupid means: The vacuum cleaner los sucks a random on it. Clever sucker surveyed first the room and start to clean it then systematically. The Watch makes for a wise robot significantly more joy: Only the edges of the room to be cleaned, then it works track for track. On a long-pile carpet you can admire, when you come home, the exact courses. A device, such as the Eufy in contrast is chaotic. There are no fancy cars in the pile, and if you watch him, you think frequently: “What is he doing now?” But, ultimately, the chaos of clean vacuum the rooms, can be a Clever make it a little faster. After half a year, no one observed his vacuum cleaner at work.

At first glance, it does not work so great, that the suction opening and the rotation roller are substantially narrower than in the case of brand devices. You think: This can’t be good for the suction performance, even when two great rotary effort to shovel the dirt in the direction of vacuum cleaner brushes.

Capable suction power

in fact, the Eufy, however, is better than you think. It achieves a suction capacity of 1500 Pascal, this is a significant under pressure. Cable devices generate a higher pressure, you do not need to reduce but usually so that the brush sucks to the carpet. The rotation brush of the Eufy picks up dog hair well, the dust compartment is very small. Of course it has a Hepa Filter, the fine dust back. In automatic mode, the device is pleasantly quiet. As with all robots, you should let the promotional photos fool you: no one reads on the Couch while a robot around sucks to be him. So quiet you’re not.

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Surprisingly well in the Eufy comes with high and dark carpets. A lot of expensive equipment to fail on long-pile carpets, the cheap Eufy it climbs on you and sucks you unconcerned. Also thresholds of about two centimeters, the device takes without complaint. The performance of the battery is sufficient for approximately 100 minutes, also for larger apartments fine.

The dust and dirt consumption of the cheap vacuum cleaner Eufy RoboVac 30C has surprised us positively. Here we can see still a difference compared to the Top devices, but the suction power is definitely in order.

Whether you need the advanced Mapping features, in particular the Setting up of virtual restricted zones, and each of us must decide for themselves. Who wants to start their device just once a day and then suck, this will barely miss.

The top devices fine navigate. For the RoboVac 30C is defuse but had a few more in an admittedly complicated housing than the Roomba or Neato. A Drama but it is not.

But think of one thing a buyer: A vacuum cleaner without Mapping don’t know where he has sucked. In the case of large and complicated layouts, it may happen that the device of Aden especially after the Renewal, always the same zones, leaving the Rest but forgets.

automatic vacuum cleaners were test checks the suction robot and only two devices can clean A device like the RoboVac 30C to convince Gernot Kramper

an area up to 70 square meters can on a regular basis. Additional rooms will be added, it must start as a special use.

anyone Who owns a large apartment on one level, perhaps it should G but in a smarter device invest. The top machines are also in contact poorer, tap almost never somewhere. Here, too, the RoboVac 30C down.

Really annoying is the tenacity of the Small is: The RoboVac don’t know what time is good. He gets hold of a thin cable, it can be quite him by brushing. This does not happen with a power cable, but you should still be careful. The best devices are smarter, you remember, when you are choking grandchildren of cables and lace-up and a keep then.

on falling Nice when Eufy that the wear and tear of accessories is also cheap. For a Set with a main brush, a six-page, six brushes and Hepa Filters, you will pay 24 Euro.


The RoboVac 30C does not offer the same performance as a device, which costs about 600 or 800 Euro. But he sucks pretty convincing. If the Budget is limited, at the price nothing wrong.

Who can do without the Wi-Fi connection, should perhaps even the predecessor. The Eufy RoboVac 11S can only be used with the remote control is programmed, and produces a slightly lower pressure (1300 Pa), and it costs even less, namely $ 199.

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