In the dispute as a hate speech, classified, and Facebook deleted Post was dismissed by the Stuttgart district court the claim of the author.

The platform had also locked the user account for 30 days, according to the civil chamber, both were right, because of the contribution against the current community standards of the social network was a violation. According to these standards, the contribution should be classified as hate speech, said a court spokeswoman. The plaintiff had shared, therefore, the contribution of another user, in which “migrants have had on the Mediterranean sea” package to commit future serious offenses. To do this, the plaintiff also wrote a Text: “For something you will be locked in the Merkel-Germany to 2018 to 30 days. As you can imagine once again what the cat dragged in, pry against the Censorship.”

According to the community standards of Facebook will generally made no difference whether a user write a hate speech, which constituted a contribution or go to the other spread – particularly since the applicant has not distanced himself in this case, of the contents. On the contrary, He had not expressed that he did not consider the split contribution for lock-worthy, and the devaluation of refugees, at least, trivialised, decided by the chamber.

on The right to freedom of expression, the court noted speaker, that it make a difference whether you with its message in a public place or in the private garden of someone. “As the lady of the house can then say, of course: I don’t want to, that shown in my garden.”

The appeal to the higher regional court of Stuttgart is possible.

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