Everyone knows the Trouble with the mobile phone tariff. Constantly, the data volume is used up, and every 24 months you have to terminate his contract, because it is not entitled as a Altkunde, the great new customer bonuses up for grabs. The Alternative Prepaid is also not without compromise, mostly about the maximum speed will be throttled. However, after years of envious looks in the neighbouring European States could come in the next few months, finally more movement in the German market.

30 euros for a real Flatrate

The Start of a new Collective of Freenet. A simple “radio” baptized, he gives customers exactly two options: One Bay either 1 GB of data volume on the day for 69 cents or unlimited Surfing for a day. SMS – and call-Flat are both included. The special Tariff may be terminated every day, hence the unusual data limit per day. Freenet promises to dispense with the favor of new customers. Should change the rates, all the new terms and conditions. A real disadvantage: The Tariff is only applicable in the O2 network, it can not keep up, despite improvements, still a long way with those of Vodafone or Telekom (read more).

more Expensive, but not faster, The LTE-a lie: snails, such As the Provider, to us-Tempo at a charge sell By Malte Mansholt

For many customers, the offer will still be extremely attractive. On a monthly basis, you will receive at least 30 GB of data volume for 21 Euro. Especially the completely unlimited flat rate for 30 Euro is attractive. It costs only half of the so far best such a tariff. Add to this the flexibility: Who needs weekends only a data plan for the gazebo, just need to pay for these days. Is consumed in smaller Fare and more than 1 GB, you can rebook just for the Rest of the day on the fully flat and unlimited browsing. A commitment fee, there is not, settled is easy through Paypal.

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The end of the term tariff?

For the German mobile communications market is a strong break. The most attractive offers to be used to bind new customers. Even the previously most flexible tariffs have a month’s notice, 24 months minimum term are still the Norm. Without radio it would have changed in the next few months. For one, the Federal Minister of justice Katarina Barley called on to cap the maximum duration of the rates at 12 months. On the other hand also to the new customers, it seems madness can finally break up. The Telecom announced about already, also to make existing customers the same attractive offers as new customers.

mobile, The German LTE network is worse than that of Albania, the Provider, say From the painted Mans

get the daily rate affects the market, is still difficult to see. The General absence of the term tariff is not likely. The great freedom of the tariff may be enormously attractive for the companies, the daily termination of freedom represents a significant loss of planning security. Even in the case of Freenet, it is not fully on the concept, in addition to the new Option continues to be a classic term contracts. Profitable radio is likely to be anyway, because you can book the Fare just about a separate App, thus the additional costs for the trade or Service.

Also, for Fans of subsidised Smartphones, the elimination of the 24-month is likely to be tariff first no advantage: If the rates are every day can be terminated, there is no discounted device. However, the Saving of the subsidised equipment is not more in comparison to the rates of payment in the rule is already as big as it was a few years ago.


However, the Tariff is likely to put the competitors under massive pressure. Since he has no commitment fee, the hurdle, the new Tariff a trial to complete, is extremely low. The prices for the volume of data to provide the already sharp drop in the prices in the O2 network. Since the Telefónica within the framework of the Acquisition of E-Plus LTE network for third-party had to give, the price per Gigabyte significantly below that of the new Tariff is expected to press further. In the case of the other two network operators Telekom and Vodafone prices are not tumbling down in the same degree, but even there, there’s always more data for the money.

analysis of cellular 5G – the LTE-the successor to shows Germany’s Digital Dilemma By Malte Mansholt

As long as the Trend continues, will also depend on the current auctions for the 5G frequencies. The billion commandments of the Provider for the upcoming technology and the expansion cost of the network must first of all be generated. You should ensure that the first 5G fares are significantly more expensive. But until then, it is likely to take a while. And LTE is for the everyday first still fast enough.

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