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China’s Super-Show in the Navy – these weapons to frighten the neighboring countries


On the 23. April celebrates China in the 70’s. Anniversary of the founding of the Navy of the people’s liberation army. In addition to the army, a shadow has been in the Navy for decades of existence, but that is now over. Beijing’s Navy is now the second strongest in the world – accordingly, it is trumped up for the anniversary. Great parades coming in the West, out of fashion, but in China you economy. Fleet maneuvers are always ended with a massive Show of war ships. In a massive Formation, the ships come together, only to deliver spectacular images.

On the anniversary, will participate in 32 Chinese ships, said Qiu Yanpeng, Deputy commander of the Navy. The war ships will close during the Exercise in six groups: a U-boat group, a destroyer group, a frigate group, an amphibious landing ship group, an auxiliary vessel group, and an aircraft carrier group, so Qiu Yanpeng.

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The new frigate of the German armed forces, the F-125 should be paid by high maneuverability and long service life are convincing, but fell in the testing. Now it is repaired.


frigate F125 – Our new Super-frigate – not yet in service and already out of date

Massive upgrade

Currently, Beijing is upgrading so massive that the Parade will be, especially in the last twelve months led units in the foreground. It is expected that in this year of the aircraft carrier type 001A and the new destroyer will be shown from the type 055. An anonymous military expert told the “Global Times that, you’ll probably see the attack submarine, the type 095.

aircraft carrier type 001A China’s small aircraft carrier is not a challenge to the United States By Gernot Kramper

on the end of the rearmament is in sight. Up to the year 2030, the use of the Navy’s strength will double. For the United States is especially threatening, since the bulk of Beijing’s fleet is consist of modern units. Even today, the rockets should be the destroyer type 055 for the counterparts of the US Navy is superior.

The countries bordering the South China sea to see the build-up of military strength with concern. Qiu stressed, therefore, the peaceful intentions of Beijing. “A strong Navy is essential for the development of a strong Zealand,” he said. This is a clear side-swipe at the Western States, and China in the 19th century. and 20. A century, into Chaos, the country split up as spoils among themselves. “From 1840 to 1949, China was attacked and more than 470 Times by foreign powers from the sea, what caused the Chinese Nation enormous suffering and deep wounds.”

the struggle for the sea lake-manoeuvres of 40 combat ships and an aircraft carrier, so China is challenging the naval power of the USA

The South China sea is currently the site of the largest arms race in the world. The international community sees the waters, mostly as an international area of Beijing, however, refers to old territorial claims of the Empire. For some years China creates facts, and enlarged reefs and Islands. On the newly acquired Land then military bases will be built up points.

The residents see these activities with concern, but the United States alone dare, to respect the claims of China actually miss. Regular U.S. bombers and war ships in the Beijing – claimed areas. It already came to a Near-collision of a US naval ship with a Chinese destroyer.

More than 10 countries, including Russia, Thailand, Vietnam and India, will participate with 20 boats in the Parade.

HMS Vigilant Parties and drugs on Board a nuclear submarine – a Sex scandal rocked British Navy

With their Trident missiles, you should back up the nuclear deterrence of Britain. But the Sailors of the HMS Vigilant celebrated rather have a week long party, during which the captain and his Deputy, Sex-scandals used with subordinates women.

Gernot Kramper