to buy

things new, is a joy. No matter whether it is a TV screen, or dryer, the new advertising improves the standard of living. It looks totally different with replacement purchases: If a device that acknowledges the service that you have to spend money for a new one, without that the life situation has changed a little. With a new TV, the colors like the device will glow a little more, but what is the new fridge makes it actually better than the Old? It keeps the milk cold and that’s about it. In the best case, he needed a little less power.

Deliberate weak Built-in wear is made in France is a punishable offence AFP High monthly cost

if you look closely, needs to be replaced, the entire House from the vacuum cleaner to the dishwasher at a distance of seven to 15 years. Particularly annoying for the consumer: Many companies seem to place great value on long-term durability. This raises enormous costs. You even count all the devices, you recognize that you must replace with a stock of 30 pieces in each year, at least two – such as new washing machine (500 Euro) and a hot water boiler (300 Euro). The load on the Budget already, with more than 60 Euro in the month.

in The photo series called life is achieved only when the devices will be claimed in the normal level and maintained on a regular basis. Cost of driving, wear and tear on the floors and colors, leads to a regular apartment renovations. Add to this the fickle taste. When in the bathroom and kitchen high quality tiles have been laid, keep this forever, but it’s much faster, you can no longer see the once fashionable colors. Accordingly the faster they are replaced.

Smart but short-lived

it is Assumed that the installation of more and more electronics in household appliances – for example, to communicate over a WiFi network to reduce the service life. And be it only that the old “smart” lamp is not more will eventually be supported by the network. Already in the case of purchases, such as a Smartphone or Laptop, the usage time is noticeably shorter, than traditional household appliances. A traditional vacuum cleaner lives for at least seven years, it is unlikely that the battery-operated Robot-reach vacuums of this age.

Built-in wear –

more and more devices are cheap and repair-designed unfriendly. A little something is broken, you must replace the whole device. There are also rumors, however, rarely prove that many products are produced so that they have a limited life. The guarantee period of two years, you keep this up, but if you go after 5 or after 9 years of break, no matter the manufacturer.

so, We live in expensive times.