“Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey” is played

Just a year ago, as screen assassins with the peacekeepers Bayek by the ancient Egypt were allowed to fight. In the fall of 2018, the “Assassin’s Creed”Saga continues. In the “Odyssey,” not very much players, but this Time to the Land of the pharaohs, and crocodiles. The journey is, as the Name suggests, in pre-Christian Greece.

New freedom of choice

In the year 431 BC, “Odyssey”, its players a choice – and often. It starts with the in-game character. For the first time in the series history, players may choose before the start of your adventure, whether you want to fight as a man through the game, or as a woman. With Alexios and Kassandra Odyssey “offers” two different characters, the Greeks each have a different angle on the ancient world. Apart from their voices and their appearance, the two differ rather marginal. At the face-off Event in Berlin Kassandra by slashes your opponent just as powerfully in the throat, as it does Alexios and climbs just as nimble house and rock walls. Whether their gender open, for example, other dialogue options, you can not say. Also, if others are fond of allowed properties is not yet clear – in the Setting of a gay or lesbian Hero would fit but, finally, Homo sexuality was frowned upon in ancient Greece. Ubisoft is No difference: Kassandra slit at the guards as silently as Alexios.

in addition to the Gender Odyssey is to let its players but also in the interaction with other characters in the game world a lot of freedom. In the many dialogs can now be from multiple answer choices to select, and thus the course of the conversation affect. So developer Ubisoft wants to give the “Assassin’s Creed”Fans the opportunity to give your character a personality of its own.

The Play was attacked our Kassandra at the beginning of the two bandits. After a successful Beat, we could choose: we Give mild to us, including the two with life, but later a case. We will kill you, from the remains of the ambush. That sounds exciting, but, in practice, must first see how different the characters are and the different personalities has a far-reaching impact on the game experience. On a system of Morality, Ubisoft has deliberately omitted – in contrast to the “Mass Effect”series, there is no right or wrong.

Old robe

New Setting, new characters, more choices to make but still not a new game. And whether it’s “Odyseey” will offer a different Gameplay elements is really New, according to the Allude to be seen. The combat system feels the same as the predecessor, very similar. Block, Dodge, Attack, although in the “Odyssey” soft as butter on a Gamepad, connoisseurs of the predecessor is to be found here but very quickly. The down screwed to the claim.

Even when the graph has changed compared to the predecessor a little. The deserts and pyramids make Egypt now that the Greek half of the island. Of effects and textures has changed but nothing or very little. If you look closely, you will even know some of the buildings from the predecessor. And the animations of the characters look even woody, as in the case of “Origins”. It may be that because up to the Release something will change. And: the Ugly Odyssey””. Ubisoft mounts are the same again, like the eagle scout

Also on the character of the system has changed little – with experience points, players advance in Level and are looking for each time you Level Up new skills. The players know, but largely from “Origins” – how Bayek also Cassandra can draw, for example, an arrow in the target. New the Spartan Kick, a tribute to Zack Snyder’s Thermopylae epic “300”. Like in the movie, also Occurs in the “Odyssey” Taken meters flying through the air.

So a rather mixed feeling after Playing it. Yes, the “Odyssey” offers new characters, more choices in dialogs, a new role game with different personalities. But it was his predecessor plays, but very similar. So it might end up that Ubisoft delivers with “Odyssey”, a kind of “Origins 1.5” and whether the it remains to be seen purchasing at the full price, depending on the platform, between 50 and 70 euros, justifies.

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