Apple wants to make its devices with many new features more attractive to users. Among other things, will turn on the iPhone in the future Videos and with color filters will be able to edit.

The Computer watch Apple Watch is independent from the iPhone, and thus also more interesting for users of competing Android Smartphones. The iPad tablet to get for the first time, a private operating system that makes you stronger as a full-fledged PC-replacement benefits. In addition, Apple introduced on Monday to a new high-performance Computer, the Mac Pro series, intended for professional users with high technical demands.

On the iPhone, the main Apple product, is also improved the maps App. First of all, in the United States until year-end, the possibility of three-dimensional street views view. It is something like Google’s Street View in 3D.

A focus on Apple set to Start its developers conference WWDC in San Jose continue to the privacy. So users will have the opportunity to share their whereabouts with an App – so far we can only agree to the permanent use of location data with the active application. If an App tries to cheat, and still the residence to retrieve the user a warning message.

In networked building technology in the Smarthome, Apple HomeKit to shield with the help of the Installation in the Internet routers, in the future, individual devices from each other, so that the providers can’t spy on users. For equipped Router worked Linksys.

On Mac computers is divided into the old Multimedia App iTunes into separate Apps for music, Podcasts, and video content. In addition, Apple makes it for developers significantly easier iPhone Apps in programs for Mac to convert. The could improve the program-selection on the Apple computers strong.

If the Apple Watch users will be more attractive for Android, it could worsen the chances of success of other Smartwatch vendors. Until now, you needed an iPhone, for example, to download Apps to the Apple Watch. In the future, the Computer clock gets its very own App Store, and on their ongoing applications no counterpart on the iPhone need more. The Apple watch is already by far the most popular Smartwatch, but was held back by the proliferation of the iPhone: Android Smartphones have a market share of more than 80 percent.

With the new Mac Pro will make up for it, Apple lost ground in the business with professional users. The iPhone group issued on Monday a ground-up newly developed computer of the range Mac Pro. He should provide sufficient capacity, for example, for professional Video editing or music composition.

Among other things, it can work with multiple Videos in ultra-high 8K resolution, at the same time. Along with the Mac Pro, Apple also introduced a new Monitor with very accurate color reproduction and high resolution. The Computer has a US price from 5999 dollars for the Monitor 4999 dollars due plus 999 dollars for the matching stand.

Apple had updated the Mac Pro last 2013 – and at that time, with an innovative Design into a technical cul-de-SAC maneuvered. The group was assumed to be in powerful computers are working on several graphics cards together and designed a cylindrical housing, in which they were cooled by air flowing through.

However, in industry, the tendency was to leave the work effort of a single high-powered graphics card. These models, the cylinder Mac gets refrigerated. The group announced that is why as early as 2017, a new Version of the Mac Pro in a more conventional design. The new Mac Pro reminds me externally, to the predecessor of the cylinder model, the got because of the distinctive holes in the metal housing, the nickname “the cheese grater”.