Alexa anywhere – this seems to be the Motto of the online retailer Amazon. On Wednesday evening, the group has presented in Seattle, and a whopping 15 new devices, in which the company’s own voice assistant, Alexa is installed. In addition to other speakers, Amazon ventured into completely new categories, including a smart Ring (Echo-Loop), a pair of glasses with a built-in microphone (Echo Frames) and wireless headphones, the so-called Echo-Buds.

The wireless earphone with Alexa-function are to be delivered from the end of October and one of the largest hope should a carrier for the upcoming Christmas business. With a lower price, the group Apple wants to cuts off water, which dominates the fast-growing headphone business just yet.

AirPods Like Apple from a joke to a billion-dollar business Happy made By Christoph that’s Why wore the Amazon Manager Apple headphones

However, the TV Interview, which gave Apple’s product chief Dave Limp following the large-Alexa-Show to “Bloomberg”, may not have been particularly helpful. Because while Limp in the Interior of the futuristic-looking Spheres-domes on the improvements to the voice assistant, Alexa, and the new speaker speaks, you can avert this; the white Stalk that protrudes from his right ear. It is not the Echo of Buds, as you would expect, but Apple AirPods. It lasted, accordingly, not long until the image in social networks is widespread.

But how could it ever come to the unusual Situation? After all, is left to the product presentations of this kind on the part of the manufacturer, the chance of an accident. The explanation is simple: In the Video, not Limps headphones are to see. The Tech analyst Carolina Milanesi, the “Bloomberg” gave also an Interview, writes on Twitter: “It was Bloomberg’s AirPods.”

Dave Lee, Silicon Valley Reporter for the British “BBC” agrees and suspects that there may be technical problems with the line, with the help of the Interviewee, the questions the editorial Board is listening. As a Backup, the TV Team took advantage of an AirPod by Apple, which was connected with an iPhone the editors, this Limp could hear the questions of the editors. Instead of making the picture funny, you should credit Limp so high that he gave the Interview anyway, knowing that the resulting images would develop a life of their own.

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