travelers with a German mobile phone contract surfing regardless of the outcome of the Brexit drama cost in the future without the addition of in the UK, with the Smartphone in the Internet.

The three largest German mobile-provider shared at the request of the German press Agency that an unregulated EU exit there, at least for the time being, no Roaming charge. Such fees are in most of the countries outside the EU. A No-Deal-Brexit – a UK’s exit without a contract – is currently unlikely, but not completely off the table.

A spokeswoman of Telefónica said that the UK would be classified according to an exit from the EU in the Roaming price-list in another country zone, for the usually fees. “For a transitional period up to 31.12.2020, nothing will change but only once, since we are billing by then the UK according to the usual EU conditions”.

A Vodafone spokesperson said that the country is in the EU Roaming will remain in control until it’d even a phase-out of this control are active. For this purpose, there is “no evidence”. He pointed out that the Non-EU members Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein to the EU Roaming regulation to participate – that would be from his point of view, also for the UK in the long term, to imagine.

From the pages of the Deutsche Telekom said it would remain even in the case of an unregulated EU-exit for German mobile customers, first of all, all the Old. The future relations of London to the EU are not currently foreseeable. “Regardless of our mobile tariffs are already countries which are not member of the EU,” said a spokesman.

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