Klaas Heufer-Umlauf and Joko winterscheidt go in your TV Shows regularly to their physical and mental limits. The game with the provocation and the danger – it’s part of their recipe for success. And also your guests may not seem to be too squeamish. The know TV-chef Tim Mälzer in his own body. In June, he was injured during the filming of “Team Joko against Team Klaas – The duel around the world” (Saturday, 20.15 clock, ProSieben).

Tim Mälzer: Video shows dramatic fire accident

Brewer should go through a course that was riddled with explosives, and pyrotechnics. This had put Heufer-Umlauf aware of. Mälzer challenge: to serve a prepared dish to a table. As the Trailer for the Show shows, exploded one of the explosive devices directly next to the 47-Year-old who was injured in spite of his fire suit in the face.

How Heufer-Umlauf explained in the Video, was the Wind to blame, the Brewer then set it on fire. The rotation was then stopped, Maltster had to be treated and was later taken to a hospital. “He was immediately provided medical good and is on the mend”, a ProSieben spokesman stated.

TV chef Tim Mälzer and used for filming TV-Show easy to dpa hurt the game with fear

Show host Klaas reveals in the Trailer that the risk is indeed part of the Show concept. “We’ve been playing with the principle that one gets scared. There can, of course, happen something in what you advance,” he says.

Brewer is likely to have during the recordings with the fear get. A few weeks after the shooting, the cook had posted work a photo of yourself, and not written: “I am well again” with the Hashtag “passport ready”.

Permanent damage to the Hamburger of the fire have not worn-accident fortunately.