The FC Basel has taken a little trip into the past. About back in a time when the Association was founded, which was exactly 125 years ago. On this occasion, was organized for the footballer in an anniversary gala with a stage show, 3-course-menu, and what else. It was obviously a lovely evening, if not for this thing would be with the football inside. Because the club’s management thought it was a good idea, the Only League to entrust the football inside with a task: they had to sell raffle tickets. And after work, there was no 3-course menu for you, but sandwiches in the next room.

women’s soccer inside enemy Celebration

The Swiss press reported that the has ensured that of loveless, such as discriminatory dealing with the football indoor (currently fourth in the Premier League) on Wednesday night, only occasionally for Trouble. As the wife of a FCB-‘ve heard of the player that the game is no table reserved had been, told her, “the collar geplatz”, writes “Prime news”. The wave of outrage broke then the next day the FC Basel. Even the US news channel CNN is said to have called at the club, because of the women’s football check inside the enemy’s Celebration.

survey the Bundesliga to the “woman thing”?

Gianna Hablützel-Bürki, member of the Swiss people’s party and former professional fencer, said she was “shocked”. “I feel as a woman and as a former successful elite athlete some years back,” Hablützel-Bürki in “Prime news”. The book author Regula Stämpfli said: “in Front of the sexism it is, unfortunately, not even on Mars for sure and last of all, in any football League”. For the Basel social Democrats Pascal Pfister, the thing is “just embarrassing.”

there is No place for the game indoor

The Association itself, all the excitement does not understand: “Our Football have sold to the Gala raffle tickets and your task are addressed with a lot of commitment. Among other things, thanks to your use of the anniversary gala brought in an income of 250,000 francs,” according to the FC Basel. The athletes have been deported in the next room, explain to the person with a lack of space: “Since the FCB wanted to provide as many seats as possible available to the Public, were – apart from the 1. Team, as well as the Club and management – no additional internal departments invited.”

This “excuse”, the official feels, Gianna Hablützel-Bürki as “embarrassing, degrading and almost disgusting.” In addition to the organizers, the athletes get away inside and the coach is your fat. Thomas Moritz is criticized for the fact that he has used for his Team, and his football inside, because you would have passed with these roles, satisfied, as the conservative politician Elisabeth Schneider-complains Schneiter. “I’m disappointed with the FCB interior – but especially from the game that you have accepted this Job at all. The women would have to learn to fight back and make your claims strong.”

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