Wednesday, 25. February 2019: In the year 2033, the earth is a heated greenhouse. The civilizations of the world have burned out long Oil and coal until the ice caps are melted. The sea level is rising in some regions, rapidly, fields, and industrial plants disappear in the floods. Solar energy-power plants and modern technologies could prevent the worst consequences.

all Nations do not have the Knowledge or money – and burn more fossil fuels. With catastrophic consequences. What sounds like it was taken from a speech of the young Ökoaktivistin Greta tuna mountain, with “Civilization VI: the Gathering Storm” (engl. for “up-storm pull”) just at the home screen experience.

What’s the point?

“Gathering Storm” is the second expansion for the history of mankind-Simulator “Civilization IV” from developer Firaxis. In the turn-based strategy game, we lead a civilization over thousands of years from the stone age into the Modern world, found cities, research technologies, wage war and negotiate peace, until at the end of a civilization has won. To choose from a range of civilizations, all different from German and English about the Nubians and Canadians to Koreans and Maori.

The victory, for example, who sends first a spaceship to a distant planet, or whose culture is so much allure that the rest of the peoples of the world to acknowledge you as a global cultural identity. Alternatively, we pick up the sword, and our armies leave the globe in a slaughter house to transform, until we are at the end of a mountain ash Lord.

We can also establish a Religion, and the humanity of the infallibility of our way to convince – often with similarly brutal consequences. Peoples belonging to different religions, lead to particularly like to go to war against each other, whether with slingshots or nuclear weapons.

The new

“Gathering Storm” has this extended addictive game principle now makes sense. Climate change is the most exciting Feature. The more coal and Oil are consumed, the hotter it will be – with well known consequences. Against rising sea levels, flood help, then walls, floating settlements and in the worst case, relocation. Or clean energy sources such as nuclear power or solar energy.

in addition, the peoples of the world plagues, including the devastating storms and droughts. Flows can now occur on the shore, and leave Chaos and destruction – but also fertile mud, which serves the Survivors as fertilizer for the fields. Or, we create by means of a dam of the same remedy – but must live with the fact that the be blown up by enemy spies. 2K Games right in the picture: the new dam

also “Gathering Storm” now the world Congress, a sort of United Nations, to the game. Here about trade embargoes or impose a world exhibition. In addition, we can achieve the new diplomacy victory, enough diplomatic favor provided.

the package of nine new leaders, new technologies and additional content, such as the advanced espionage options and a new world will wonder Rounded. 2K Games of The Panamal canal is one of the new wonders of the world – and one of the most powerful yet

How good it is?

“Gathering Storm” makes very much fun. The new Gameplay mechanics are very well thought-out and merge seamlessly into the main game. Just as climate change is convincing as a new challenge. Several times we have thought about the Play, about whether we really want to build a coal-fired power plant, or in the face of rising temperatures, but rather on atomic energy should require.

As in the case of our German neighbours then but an antiquated pile flew into the air, we skipped gratefully, and let our scientists prefer solar panels to explore. Has brought us at the end but little, because other civilizations continued to rely on fossil fuels, to all of us the water was up to my neck. So we were forced to build flood walls to files instead of to our Renewable-energy Utopia. 2K Games To the new natural disasters also effect of volcanic eruptions

include, in addition to climate change and natural disasters, we master new technologies as a gigantic Killer robot, laying of railway lines between our cities and rock bands go on a world tour – Firaxis has really done a great job. With the expansion of Civilization VI unfolds “” an unprecedented game depth, which can be maintained over hundreds to thousands of hours of play.

For whom is the Game?

So a lot of game depth has its price. “Civilization VI” is not to become a “Gathering Storm” is just clearer. To each new game mechanics have been understood, pass a number of hours into the game. For series veterans, this is not a Problem, novices may feel at the beginning of the steep learning curve and the amount of game mechanics overwhelmed. However, his fun turn-based strategy or the main game already has, you can’t get past the “Gathering Storm”.

“Civilization VI: the Gathering Storm” was released on 14. February for Windows PC. A Version costs 39,99€. The necessary basic game, there are already from 10 Euro to have. Who really wants to see all the content, including the first expansion “Rise and fall”,, expects the cost to about 100 euros. For this, players will receive between 100 and 1000 hours of gameplay.

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