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François de Rugy : the lobsters have inspired the yellow Vests


DE RUGY – The revelations of the week on dinners glitzy organized around François de Rugy have not escaped the yellow Vests this Saturday.


The week’s high on revelations around François de Rugy has visibly inspired the yellow Vests. According to the site of The Obs, several hundred of them marched in Paris chanting : “Lobsters everywhere, justice nowhere”, in reference to the lobsters of the photos, revealed by Mediapart this week. In the aftermath of the revelations, of the protesters had already welcomed François de Rugy in the deux-Sèvres equipped with a giant lobster, inflatable…

The highest spheres of the State want to quickly shed light on the various revelations about François de Rugy. As announced by several media, with confirmation of Matignon, the teams of the First minister launched an investigation about the work done by François de Rugy in her residence, at the Hôtel de Roquelaure, for an amount of 63 000 € in order to verify that everything was done according to the rules in force. On the side of the Assembly, a further investigation will concern the dinners organized by the couple Rugy when he was president. The main concerned will be explained in the next few days. In a press release, the current president of the Assembly shall declare the use to the compliance officer of the Palais Bourbon.

the Other revelation of Mediapart, François de Rugy has not paid taxes on the income in 2015. After dinner sumptuous held at the hotel de Lassay, after the renovation of its housing function to the department of the Transition, after the social housing of its chief of staff (sacked on the field), and after the social housing which would have been the minister himself near the town of Nantes, this is the fifth revelation embarrassing but Mediapart published on the current number 2 in the government in three days. And the site investigation is to ask how, stating, “47 956 euros in revenue” (2014), it is possible to lead to a tax notice equal to zero. François de Rugy has responded immediately on Twitter that it is in consideration of “gifts of 1 200 €” he did each month, to the party EELV, as a member of the group, that it benefited from this tax regime is very advantageous. A plan he was using, he said, “like ALL the other members of the group, and like all the other parliamentarians who fund their parties and political life”… Still, according to Mediapart, it is precisely this tax situation which would have enabled François de Rugy of the benefit of a rent-prime to Orvault. Follow the latest information on the case of Rugy in our direct and find the key points of the case at the bottom of this page.

In direct to Receive our alerts live ! 19:42 – François de Rugy : “travel will be difficult,” Christophe Barbier

at the End of the direct – Christophe Barber, commentator on BFMTV, has delivered its analysis of the situation of François de Rugy suites to the many revelations of which it is the subject, and for him, “his action is hindered”. “Every time he goes out, we are going to talk to him about it. Inability for him to bring the bills current including on the circular economy. […] However, it is in the media, politically, much more low in the opinion that a Blanquer, a Buzyn, a Castaner, a Le Drian, who are, however, less ranking than him” analysis-t-it. “Taking the floor, the movement will be difficult or even impossible in the weeks or the coming months” he adds. The yellow Vests have proved him right on Saturday.

18:19 – The yellow Vests are inspired by the lobster François de Rugy

In Paris, several hundreds of yellow Vests were gathered, obviously motivated by the revelations of this week. Accused of having organized dinners lavish with public money, François de Rugy was a target of choice for the yellow Vests, who have not hesitated to make lobsters that appear on the photos the highlight of their slogans.

17:21 – dinner of François de Rugy at the Meeting, not so luxurious ?

The accusations against François de Rugy began with the publication of information concerning the dinners served during its presidency of the national Assembly. But his dinners were so extravagant ? Not according to some of the guests interviewed by franceinfo. “I happened to have dinner in a restaurant two stars, and, without insult to the cuisines of the Assembly, it is another thing !” says a journalist. “I didn’t notice anything exceptional on my plate or in bottles. For me, it was a kitchen elegant, but not sumptuous” completes the sociologist Jean-François Amadieu.”Nothing was different dinners that I have known, under the presidency of Bernard Accoyer. The same standing, the same protocol,” explains the interconnecting Delphine Guerlain to the Point.

16:58 – François de Rugy cropped by Matignon

The Prime minister issued a press release to well remember that the ministers are subject to the “principle of transparency” and the “principle of exemplarity”. The prime minister has also asked the general secretariat of the government to establish an “inspection” to ensure that the work undertaken in the housing of François de Rugy conformed well to the “respect of rules”.

16:22 – When François de Rugy defended Médiapart

François de Rugy is in a difficult situation since the many revelations of the online journal Mediapart. Yet he had previously defended the publication of Edwy Plenel. When the newspaper was called the “officine funded by rich friends” of François Hollande by French prime minister François Fillon in 2012, for example, François de Rugy talked about an “insult to the press” and that it considered that French prime minister François Fillon “lost his nerves”. Today, the minister is much more critical : “The purpose is to inform the public or it is to conduct continuously campaigns against those who govern ? It is the fantasy of the cutters of the head. The violence of the yellow vests, they justified them” said the minister, on BFMTV.

16:10 – that the Prime minister asked explicitly for

In an official statement released on Thursday, July 11, at the end of the meeting between Edouard Philippe and François de Rugy, the Prime minister recalled that “every public official is subject to the twin requirements of transparency and exemplarity”. François de Rugy, therefore, should “answer all the questions that arise legitimately the French”. The prime minister also asked the general secretariat of the government “to launch as soon as [Friday] a” inspection on the work carried out in the residence of François de Rugy, one of the sources of controversy.

15:56 – Callback – Clearly moved, François de Rugy says he won’t resign

“I have absolutely no reason to resign. And the Prime minister never told me not asked”, insisted the minister of the energy Transition on BFMTV this morning. “I’ve never taken advantage unduly of social housing”, has he added, a few tears in the voice.

15:16 – Mediapart on the point of reveal the guest list for dinners Rugy ?

In a long interview with Gross, the journalist of Mediapart Fabrice Arfi does not exclude, far from it, the upcoming release of the guests which have succeeded one another over dinners in François de Rugy and his wife Séverine. “Given the posture of Monsieur and Madame de Rugy, I think that yes, once we have contacted everyone, we are going to tell them about the guests”, he explains, referring in particular to some of the journalists who anonymously dédramatisé the pomp and circumstance of the dinner in the press.

14:46 – François de Rugy explains why he has not paid taxes in 2015

Referred by a new article by Mediapart on Friday, François de Rugy has held correct, a new time on the social networks, its situation of the time. “Only one reason : the gifts of 1 200€ that I was doing each month to the party EELV, as a member of the group EELV, like ALL other members of the group, and like all the other parliamentarians who fund their parties and political life. Where is he to stop a grudge ?”, he says.

14:32 – “François de Rugy wanted to save his head by offering mine,” said his ex-chief of staff

Nicole Klein, the former director of cabinet of François de Rugy, is back in Ouest-France about his dismissal Thursday, July 11, by François de Rugy. “François de Rugy wanted to save his head by offering mine,” she assured. As a reminder, she was accused by Mediapart of the benefit of social housing, which has led to his departure from the cabinet of François de Rugy, in turmoil after several revelations about his expenses.

14:29 – A dismissal that is violent to the director of cabinet of François de Rugy

After the revelations of Mediapart, François de Rugy has decided to dismiss his chief of staff, Nicole Klein, who would benefit from social housing. A decision was made and announced abruptly, depending on the Point. It would have been categorical when Nicole Klein would have asked her a few days before leaving his post : “No, we have to leave tomorrow”. Always to The Point, this decision would have earned a “crop” by the Prime minister. He was also reproached with this dismissal to establish a link between the case of the HLM of his chief of staff and his own case.

14:21 – François de Rugy can bring a complaint against Mediapart

“I plan to wear-complaint”, said the minister of the ecological Transition this Friday morning at the microphone of Jean-Jacques Bourdin, for “slanderous denunciation”. François de Rugy considers that several media have relayed the information of Mediapart without taking precautions.

Controversy Rugy : revelations and twists 1 – The first charges of Médiapart on François de Rugy

Mediapart published on Wednesday, July 10, 2019 a survey signed by his journalist Fabrice Arfi and titled “The life of castle to public funds of the spouses of Rugy”. It indicates that the current minister of the ecological Transition, and his wife Séverine would have organized sumptuous dinners between October 2017 and June 2018, while François de Rugy was still president of the national Assembly. Problem : these meals, which stood in the walls of the palais Bourbon, more precisely in the hotel de Lassay, residence of the president of the place, would not have had any link with its function, according to the newspaper. In other words, Mediapart accused François de Rugy have taken advantage of his function to organize private meetings, informal, serving lobster and great wines. Filmmakers, journalists, writers, captains of finance : here are those who would have participated in these so-called opulent appointments, describes the site information, including the revelations are once again talking.

2 – photos of the dinners of François de Rugy criticism

Florian Philippot, ex-RN and president of the party of The patriots, did not fail to react on Twitter, linking to this controversy with the crisis of the yellow vests, which according to him, “enjoy…”. Other board policy, but the same reaction is pungent, that of Clementine Autin : “The sobriety that was seen by the minister of ecology #DeRugy that meant to connect to the real lives of the people of the lobster and bottles of 500 euros, while singing the chorus of the sacro sainte reduction in public spending. What class !”, writing mpp France insubordinate of Seine Saint Denis.

His college-Adrien Quatennens is just as ironic : “I thank the ecologist of castles for the guidance of virtue and exemplary behaviour, he has granted as President of the Assembly. As he ate the big lobster washed down with good wine, I used to scan my receipt from the pizzeria across the way,” says the member of parliament France insubordinate on Twitter also.

3 – Séverine de Rugy, the wife of the minister also targeted

Séverine de Rugy, the wife of the minister of the Transition, is also targeted by the online newspaper. According to Mediapart, this would be the wife of François de Rugy, a journalist with the magazine Gala, which would have been at the origin of the ten dinners in question, identified between October 2017 and June 2018. Every time “ten to thirty guests belonging to the core of the circle, and friendly to the wife of M. de Rugy, Séverine de Rugy”, were invited in writing by the AFP. Séverine de Rugy has been the first to defend in Mediapart, indicating lapidairement that it was for “relational”, not “private”. Contacted by The Point, she gave another version of events, the weekly states that Ms. de Rugy has never made any requests explicit about the meals served at the hotel de Lassay, validating just what was offered.

4 – calls for the resignation of François de Rugy

The mp ecologist Delphine Batho has requested the resignation of the minister, deeming it “morally unacceptable” the “private dining glitzy’ given by François de Rugy. “I was made aware of the article by Mediapart. This seems to me to be morally unacceptable. His resignation is required because it is public money. Public money is not made to organize private dinners sumptuous”, said the president of Generation ecology to the AFP. Ella has been followed by several opposition figures, including France insubordinate as François Ruffin. The current president of the national Assembly Richard Ferrand, the compliance officer of the palais Bourbon Agnès Roblot-Troizier and the three quaestors were seized by Julien Aubert, député de Vaucluse and the deputy secretary general of the party, The Republican. The latter believes that “the 577 deputies are able to access transparently to the justification of the expenditures made by François de Rugy”.

François de Rugy seems so far not to have to fear for his position. According to Sybeth n’diaye, former president of the national Assembly, “of course retains the confidence of the president of the Republic and the Prime minister”. If Edouard Philippe has also renewed its confidence, the Prime minister has also published a press release by way of crop at the end of semaine, demanding “transparency” and “exemplary”. On the side of the backstage of The Republic on, we cringe. The awkwardness is palpable : the elected officials and executives of LREM prefer to kick it into touch, no one brings support frank François de Rugy, more than ever weakened. “This has the potential to accredit the idea that the ministers are full to the ace and will gorge themselves by taking advantage of the public’s money. Symbolically, this is very heavy,” slipped on Wednesday as a part of the party to the AFP, believing even that François de Rugy could now be “hard to stay” in the government. Some voices within the majority of them have already regretted publicly the consequences of this case, including Benjamin Griveaux who thought that all of this “gives a terrible image”.

5 – The explanation of François de Rugy and her message on Facebook

François de Rugy, taking note of these revelations on Wednesday morning on France Inter, has explained, denouncing the part of Mediapart investigation, “satiric works”. According to the government’s number two, these dinners were used to “meet, represent (…) the Assembly, to defend the national Assembly from the people of the civil society”. “This is normal, I assume it fully,” adds he, denying “any evening sumptuous” but confirming the contribution of his wife in the organization of dinners, “as she has participated and still participates in many official or informal meetings”. “When you’re a politician, you can’t cut yourself off from society”, has reacted Séverine de Rugy from Médiapart.

François de Rugy has published in the night from Wednesday to Thursday, on his account Facebook a six-page document to explain in more detail about these dinners given at the Hotel de Lassay. It reveals in particular “completeness of response” that he had made on Monday evening at Mediapart. “I finally reaffirms with force, the face of the attacks made on me, I have only one defense : the facts presented in a transparent manner. The rest is innuendo, fueled by an anonymous source, and malicious”, says François de Rugy at the end of his message.

6 – The director of cabinet of François de Rugy, a twist

Wednesday, July 10, at the end of the day, Nicole Klein, director of the cabinet of the minister of the ecological Transition and solidarity, has advertised in the newspaper Ouest-France that she was stepping down from his post, “at the request of the minister”. At the origin of this resignation : the social housing that would be Nicole Klein in the 14th arrondissement of Paris since 2001, while it has not worked in the capital between 2006 to 2018. These revelations also come from Mediapart, who said Wednesday, in the evening home, located near the porte de Vanves, he would have been awarded in 2001 by the ministry of Equipment.

In West-France, Nicole Klein said to be “entry into the dwelling under conditions of perfectly legal” and to have remained there because she had chained the missions in five regions of the province, different, and a regional agency of health before being put in the service of François de Rugy. Referring to “the twelve mutations often very quick and always in the service of general interest”, she described this place as “a haven”. It is estimated that preserving this housing was also perfectly “legal”, indicating that it was his “principal residence”, where she returned regularly over the weekend. In a second interview granted to Ouest-France after his dismissal, Nicole Klein took on François de Rugy this Friday, July 12, and declaring : “He wanted to save his head by offering mine”.

7 – The renovation of the apartment of François de Rugy

Thursday 11 July 2019, Mediapart published in the morning a third article involving François de Rugy. After the dinners and the social housing occupied by his director of cabinet, it is the apartment of according to the minister, within a mansion of the Eighteenth century, which is the centre of the allegations. Mediapart suggests that the end of 2018, the renovation work would have been carried out in the private apartments of the ministry, for a total of 63 000 euros. Mediapart provides the details of the bill with € 35 000 paintings to “refresh” the walls, 4600 € floors, € 6,000 for the renovation of two bathrooms and 17 000 for the installation of a walk-in closet on-able.

once again, it is Séverine de Rugy, who explains in the article, referring to “closets” that were missing in the housing rather than a new “dressing room” and that the housing was in poor condition when the couple is installed. In his message posted on Facebook from the night of Wednesday to Thursday, François de Rugy had spontaneously referred to these works being carried out in the apartment of a function that he occupies to the ministry of the ecological Transition. According to him, these works have been made after a “report” of “the services in charge of the management of the buildings of the ministry”. These would have qualified her apartment on the basis of “old” with “parts [that] were older than 15 years”. The work would have, according to François de Rugy been carried out in the strict respect of the legal rules and procedures in force”, with quotes, to optimize the costs. Mediapart is part of the response to these justifications in his article, stating in particular that the entourage of Nicolas Hulot, a former occupier of the premises, described, l’apartment in the question of “nickel, [ … ] but sad.”

8 – A social apartment occupied by François de Rugy

The documents and testimonies gathered by Mediapart, published Thursday, 411 July, say that the minister of the ecological Transition rent also an apartment with a social vocation in the Loire-Atlantic, in July 2016. However, François de Rugy would be well above the ceilings of income and would not, therefore, the conditions of the rental of this type of accommodation. Interviewed by Mediapart, the principal would have ensured that, when he “rented this apartment, there [has] NEVER provided such information.” On Twitter, François de Rugy has also responded Thursday evening shortly after the publication of Mediapart : “New attack of Mediapart, this time on the housing that I rent near the town of Nantes to accommodate my children when I am babysitting for the weekend. About 600€/month for a T2, the price of the market. In the Face of harassment, I publish everything, again”.

9 – François de Rugy would not have paid tax on the income in 2015

on Friday 12 July, François de Rugy has again taken the floor on BFMTV. Between emotion and anger, he believed such to have been the victim of a “cheating” about its dwelling at Nantes, planning to request an investigation into the estate agency. The minister, who has assured not to be the origin of the menu during the meal that he or she is accused, pretending to be “intolerant to shellfish” and don’t drink champagne. Denouncing the “lies”, he has threatened to file a complaint against any newspaper article slanderous. But in the evening, Médiapart published a new article revealing that François de Rugy would not have paid tax on the income in 2015. An advantage which he would have enjoyed, as he had declared 47 956 euros in revenue for the year 2014, taking advantage of a scheme very beneficial reserved to the members. François de Rugy has said himself on Twitter, assurantq ‘ou; there was only one reason for this bivzarrerie tax : “The gifts of 1 200 euros that I was doing each month to the party EELV, as a member of the group EELV, like ALL other members of the group, and like all the other parliamentarians who fund their parties and political life”. And François de Rugy conclude just as combative as in the morning even on BFMTV : “Where is he to stop a grudge ?” Médiapart written that it is producing this sheet of tax that François de Rugy has been able to benefit from a rent-prime at Orvault, Loire-Atlantique, near Nantes. Another revelation of the site investigation (see above). “Of course, François de Rugy did not pay income tax on the income when it is entered in the premises. But certainly not because he was struggling to make ends meet”, say the journalists of Médiapart in their investigation.

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