With Windows 7 leaving in half a year, another dinosaur, the stage of the digital world.

From the 14. January 2020, Microsoft is discontinuing Support for the operating system. Then there will be no Software or security Updates any more. Users who cling to the old System, risk to unprotected Cyber-attacks and malicious software suspend. For the excited vortices as the end of Support of Windows XP five years ago, for Windows 7 should no longer worry rather.

security experts advise but in this case, it is urgently to use the aged operating system next. Microsoft advises to change the system to prepare and tips for the transition to the latest Windows 10. It was the “safest Windows ever”, out of the company.

to do That, the Microsoft-user was hesitant on the new System has also change with money. In contrast to competitor Apple, the spread for years, its new macOS versions for free, ask Microsoft and its partners money to stay up to date.

Indeed, had Microsoft after the launch of Windows 10, the Upgrade from Windows 7 and 8 for some time on the website for free. This offer is running since two years. Since then, Microsoft is offering the System for around 145 Euro for Download. Some of the specialist media, however, also notes how users are still free on the current System can change, by downloading the “Media Creation Tool” on the Microsoft web site. In addition, however, that some Third-party manufacturers charge money for the latest versions of your programs so they run on Windows 10 easily.

For too much excitement not to worry – unlike in the case of Windows XP From Windows 7, however. “Our customers have learned from the Situation in the case of Windows XP,” said Sabine Bendiek, Head of Microsoft Germany. “Whoever is involved at an early stage with the transition, minimizes risks and costs and benefits of current safety features and innovations.”

at the Time, not just a lot of careless private users, but also many companies used the old XP is still far beyond the end of Support. In many companies, old programs could be held only with the old operating system up and Running. Also in ATM XP stuck often and kept the security experts at that time on the trot. Today the big analyst houses expect rather a boost for the sales of new computers. Also the security awareness of users is expected to significantly increase.

Microsoft Windows is also in Germany to 45.6 percent, by far the most widely used operating system on Desktop computers and laptops. Currently, the 10-year-old vintage Windows 7 is still on almost every fourth used a Desktop PC active (24.2 percent), the current Windows 10 use meanwhile, two-thirds of Windows users (66.3 percent).

On the 22. October 2009, Microsoft brought Windows 7 as the successor to the unsuccessful Windows Vista on the market. At that time, the digital world looked somewhat different than it is today: the First two years there was the iPhone in the market, which had ushered in the Era of Smartphones. In 2009, then brought Google its first Android phone “G1” on the German market.

in January 2009 applied to the former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer at the opening of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas is a first Beta Version of Windows 7 to the failure of Vista sat the group in the neck. Also the successor to Windows 8 came with the start-up difficulties and was not convincing for many users. Especially in many companies, Windows 7 is likely to be therefore, still today in use.

Today, Microsoft has created with its latest Version Windows 10 a solid Software base, the flop of Vista and Windows 8 are long since history. Only a few weeks after the sales launch, the System had been downloaded, according to Microsoft, over 100 million Times. Therefore, enterprise customers discovered the System. According to Microsoft, it is now installed on 800 million devices worldwide.

the potential of the Software with the digital assistant Cortana, a new Browser Edge and the support for the Touch features of Microsoft had since then, also with his first Laptop range, the Surface Book, as proof of this. Nostalgic, tinkerer, and Windows-7-lovers still have to worry about any culture shock. In specialist magazines, for example, tips on how to witness with additional work to the new Windows 10 cherished Gadgets and the start menu miss and the new computer to a Retro Outfit can give.

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