The murder of 17-year-old Bianca Devins from Utica, in the U.S. state of New York dominated the headlines in the United States. Because it is only the brutality of the crime is not that shocked. The offender made after the fact photos of the bloody corpse and spread it on various Internet portals.

Bianca Devins had just finished High School and wanted to go to College in the fall. In her spare time, she made her life with a photo collage on social networks for the Look, this was a small network of celebrity, with over 35,000 followers. On the Sunday she was murdered, however brutal, as the main suspect of the 21-year-old Brandon Clark is. Devins‘ sister wrote on Instagram that he had been a “close friend of the family”, you have to be very familiar. Clark and Devins visited a few hours before the fact, still together a concert. But on the way back, it seems to be a dispute that escalated.

New York 17-year-old Influencerin is murdered, then the killer posts pictures of the body on Instagram, The pictures of the victim are circulating more in the network

In the 60,000 residents of the city of the crime spread quickly, because of the scene of the crime delayed the Start of the local Boilermaker Road Race. But above all, the images, the alleged offender presented to the network developed a life of its own. Lieutenant Brian Coromato from the Utica Police Department confirmed to the US magazine “Rolling Stone“, that is, three real images of your murder circulating on Discord, 4Chan and Instagram. Coromato emphasized that the Police Department consulted a variety of Social Media platforms-contacting, so that they remove the images as soon as possible. “But we have not received a response. As far as I can see, nothing has been removed,“ he told “Rolling Stone“.

Instagram now has responded and the Account of the alleged offender disabled. In addition, we have taken various technical measures to prevent the re-Uploading of the images. “Mashable“, according to the pictures network makes various Hashtags associated with the fact, in connection.

in Vain. Still images of the 17-year-old victim in the network, which appears to have been previously users gescreenshotted circulating. Anonymous Instagram accounts, this charge is always high. Some of the Postings are filtered by the network, but not all. Some of the deeply disturbing images are linked to the time of the publication of this article, even on Devins‘ Account, which now has almost 100,000 Followers. Perhaps the Algorithms are not sophisticated enough, or Instagram does not take the matter as seriously as it would be needed. It is a fact that The network does not get a grip on the Problem.

users want their legacy true

Many Instagram users are of the opinion that the platform is not doing enough and take matters in your hands. You can report users who post more pictures of the action and fall between the cracks. Link to Devins‘ Account on beautiful drawings, romantic sunsets and cats, which are surrounded by heart Emojis. In this way, you want to outsmart the algorithm and the cruel displace images.

Devins‘ Followers open up new Accounts in which you distribute your private snapshots of the 17-Year-olds, in order to keep you as a positive memory. “There were a few disturbing hours, and I’m honestly shocked said how bad Instagram of the Situation has been handled,“ says the user, the account is behind a the memory, to “Mashable”. You know that it is impossible to take every single Post offline. “But seriously: It shall not be the object of a 13-year-old girl, to remove the sick Posts by users. This experience has me frightened.“

other users criticise the behaviour of Instagram. “The image of a nursing mother and will be deleted immediately, but in the body of a Minor of the view all the way,“ complained another user “Mashable“. Many of the posted images were only fitted with a warning notice.

Devins‘ Instagram Account has been memorialized. This posted pictures and Videos remain visible, however, no-one in the account of the deceased can log in.

networks repeatedly in criticism

It is not the first Time that the handling of the social networks with controversial content for discussions. In March, 51 people were killed in attacks on mosques in Christchurch, new Zealand, the massacre will be streamed live on the Facebook page of the perpetrator, minutes. The network was later criticized for not having fast enough responsive. Why the Artificial intelligence failed, you can read here. 2013 a man from southern Florida, which will later be known as the “Facebook Killer” posted a picture of his murdered wife on Facebook. In 2016 there was a similar case in Texas.

sources: Mashable, Rolling Stone, CNN, the New York Times

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