Affected are the Germania fluggesellschaft mbH and its sister company for technical services, the Germania Technik Brandenburg GmbH, as well as the Germania flight services GmbH. Not the Swiss Germania flight AG and the Bulgarian Eagle are affected.

“Unfortunately, it is not possible for us finally to bring our funding efforts to cover short-term liquidity needs to a successful conclusion. We are very sorry that we as a consequence no other option than bankruptcy, remained the submission of the request,” said CEO Karsten Balke. He regretted the impact of the step for the employees who have given their Best for reliable flight operations. The affected passengers are asked Balke to excuse me.

More than 30 years of history,

passengers who have booked your Germania flight in the framework of a package tour, should, according to the memo directly to your tour operator to receive a replacement transport. Who have bought his flight ticket directly with Germania,have due to the law not be entitled to replacement transportation.

Recently it became known that the airline routes Germania with more than 30 medium-Jets get into financial difficulties. Germania, a German airline with a more than 30-year history. On the Short – and medium-haul routes, the Airline carried more than four million passengers per year.