Zombie games are there many out there? Probably true. At the latest since the in series the form of filmed Comic Hit “The Walking Dead” has exceeded the Genre to its Zenith. Nevertheless, Sony sends with the of YOU Bend Studio, exclusively for the PS4 developed “Days Gone” is a real good Zombie game into the race. Enriched with a big Dose of Rocker-romance a la “Sons Of Anarchy”, an Open World and Survival elements, the game breathes life into the easy-to-sucking new, well, life is a Genre again.

What’s in “Days Gone”?

Two years of the outbreak of a global pandemic is now. Zombie-like Freaker-hordes roam the world. In the recreated US state of Oregon, the Rocker, Deacon of St. John and his buddy Boozer by beating more bad than good. In addition to the intelligence-free nightmare creatures, they avoid the most dangerous cultivator, Ripper, and always have to fight again against other outlaw strays.

provide support for bearings, in which the Survivors have formed together. But the have their own Agenda, which does not go with the plans Deacon’s always Hand-in-Hand. In addition, the young man had already lost the right shortly after the outbreak of the infection, and his wife, Sarah, and since then, in bitterness, loses. At the latest, when the mysterious Nero-Organisation shows up, fights Rocker of St. John against the ghosts of the past.

For whom is the Game?

“Days Gone” is an Open-World game, the map will be expanded in the course of the game. The Setting says it all: It is much fought. The protagonists of many rifles, pistols and homemade melee weapons are available. The ammo is always in short supply – this is one of the Survival aspects of the game. Also to get healing, you must provide the player with ingredients, in the simple crafting menu, then gemanscht.

The resources are scarce, but the game is never unfair. In the hustle and bustle of the campaign, the game speed slows down, for example, if the Crafting is called wheel and the saving Association will be created. And also petrol is to be found in the game world on a regular basis. And this is important: after all, who wants to be a real Rocker, also has a motorcycle. Thus, Deacon Mission-to-Mission grid and escape times in front of hundreds of Freakern.

How good Days Gone?

These masses of enemies are a big unique selling Merkel of the game: When hordes are approaching, which means the spine-tingling atmosphere that is reminiscent of Hollywood hits like “World war Z”. Initially, the player is put under total, the change in the course of the action.

Speaking of: the “Rocker vs Zombie”-Setting more than mindless Action? The answer is: Yes, quite. The story includes the one or the other cliché that makes the player cheer. It also has to do with memory characters pay tribute to the Oregon. Supplemented by a wealth of detail, great graphics, and a minimalist, menacing soundscape, the game world is to small in addition to Star of the Games. Invites you to Discover – however, due to the dangers of certainly not to stay. 4 out of 5 the cut-off ears.

Details: “Days Gone” of YOU Bend Studio appears at 26. April exclusive on PS4 and PS4 Per. It costs around 60 euros.

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