Once, those buildings stood out through the size and progressiveness - and today, many architectural are neglected masterpieces of the last century sometimes, and empty of people. Worldwide reports of abandoned Ghost towns, hard to remember their...
Many of the once busiest roads, which allowed in the past two centuries, international trade and travel, are nowadays neglected paths to nowhere. World's engineers realized brilliant ideas, in order to open new paths, to cross the...
nearly 1,000 years Ago, a new world order. The beginning of a fierce battle between Christians and Muslims to the Holy city of Jerusalem is marked. Even then, the Muslims have technical Knowledge and manual skill that...
In the snowy mountains near the Bosnian city of Sarajevo, an abandoned plant. Along the slopes of a network of walls, bridges and canals, the concrete is full of holes and badly damaged winds. But what are...
In the cold Season of the year coughs and colds are widely used. Usually a harmless cold is just behind it. However, fever is augmented by the symptoms, could it be possibly to influenza viruses. "World wonder"...
Near the Norwegian port city of Narvik is a verbeultes ship wreck lies on the bottom of the Rombaksfjords. Almost 120 meters of the metal extends colossus along the rocky Shore. Since April 1940, the "Georg Thiele"...
In the Brandenburg municipality of Schipkau rises immersed in the Green of a huge machine, larger than some buildings: the bucket-wheel excavator 258. Approximately 50 meters of the "blue wonder" which was used until 2003 for the...
25 kilometres North-West of the Mongolian city of Tschoir rise enigmatic Structures from the grass landscape. The total of 40 hills in the Gobi desert are each ten meters high, 30 meters long and over a concrete...
The price-to-performance ratio in the case of overnight Stays is The good news right away: in South Africa terrific. Visitors can get comfortable and often very stylish room for comparatively little money. On the one hand, has...
on Average, each person between one and one-half and three years, spends on the toilet. But Rachel Cole-Wilkin brings there half her life. The 29-Year-old moved seven years ago from San Francisco to London to study acting....


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Natalia kasperskaya: domestic digital industry is going through hard times

Natalia kasperskaya: domestic digital industry is going through hard times

The President of the group of companies InfoWatch Natalya Kaspersky told the TV channel "Russia 24" that during a pandemic the value of digital products, the economy has grown. While modern realities helped to expose a number of shortcomings, including cyber attacks.