The startup caught 88% of Muscovites in the wrong wearing masks

Right wear masks only 12% of Muscovites. The percentage of residents of the capital complying with measures to protect against coronavirus infection, the evening is sharply reduced — there is only 5%. This is evidenced by Facemetric a startup specializing in video Analytics.

Recall that the mask mode works in Moscow may 12. The wearing of masks and gloves is mandatory when travelling on public transport, visiting shops, pharmacies and other public places. Violators face a fine ranging from 4 to 5 thousand rubles.

Muscovites abide by the discipline, checked the company Facemetric. For the study, data from cameras collected over the week: 2 days before the introduction of mask mode and 5 days after the entry into force of the new rules. The measurements were carried out around the clock in stores, outdoor shopping centers, markets and other places of a mass congestion of people in different parts of the capital.

During the study, the patency amounted to about 140 thousand people, counting accuracy is in the range of 94-98%, said Вестям.Ru in a press-service. How the correct utilization of personal protective equipment, should be specially trained neural network.

As it turned out, to the discipline of the Muscovites strongly influenced by the time of the day. After the introduction of the mask mode in the morning, wear masks to 82% of the citizens in the evening — up to 56%, with the majority doing it wrong. “So, in the morning correctly using a mask 12% of visitors of public places in the evening — only 5% — according to the researchers. — The majority of Muscovites mask down to the chin, does not cover the nose or dangling around his neck.”

Text: To.Hi-tech