Microsoft has released a hybrid of Minecraft and Diablo

Microsoft has announced the release of the game Minecraft Dungeons. The plot of the new project is unfolding in the universe of Minecraft, but its mechanism is close to the legendary slasher Diablo: players will explore the dungeon, equip your character, fight hordes of enemies and look for treasures.

Role fighter was developed by the authors of Minecraft Studio Mojang Studios (bought by Microsoft in 2014). “You will assume the role of a Hero who rebelled against the most horrible Arisapana, who wishes to enslave your world, so Вестям.Ru described the novelty in the company – you will see unique challenges and adventures with different levels of complexity, in which you can experience alone or with friends up to four people (online or local multiplayer)”.

a Cross between Minecraft and Diablo already available on the Xbox One and Windows 10. The new game is available in two editions: Standard for $19.99 and “Heroic” (with the “Cape of Hero” and two unique skins, a pet chicken and two story additions which will come later) for $29.99. Holders of subscription Xbox Game Pass can free download Minecraft Dungeons.

She Minecraft, released over 11 years ago, its popularity. Last week, Microsoft reported that the project crossed the mark of 200 million copies sold, and its monthly audience reached 126 million people.

Pandemic coronavirus infection and the transition to the regime udalenka only spurred growth, the company said. Over the past month, the number of active players increased by 25%, while the number of multiplayer sessions – 40%. Minecraft including was included in the list of the most popular games among Russians.

Text: To.Hi-tech