The expert shared algorithm of actions in case of leakage of personal data

the Russians told the order of actions in case of leak the data of their Bank cards appeared in the network. According to the head of the international company Group-IB, specializing in the prevention of cyber-attacks, Ilya Sachkov, if the person was a leak, he needs as quickly as possible to contact your Bank to reissue cards and change passwords in mobile banking on all devices, RIA Novosti reported.

If the man was deceived and he himself gave the scammers your details, it also need to promptly call in baug and to pass it on to staff a phone number that called criminals. The Bank will decide what action to take in this case. It can be as card re-issuance, and lock or block the Scam numbers.

If the fraudsters have already withdrawn from the client account money, said nets, in addition to going to the Bank you must write a statement about the crime to the nearest police station. Thus, as the head of Group-IB, the data that is already in the network, will remain there forever, even if they are deleted from the forums.

the Number of leaks is growing in Russia, so only from the beginning of 2020 their number grew by 20% yoy. In April-may the number of leaks grew by 100% compared to February-March. These data led the founder and technical Director of DeviceLock Oganesyan. The majority of the leaks was associated with the transition of employees to work remotely.

Text: To.Hi-tech