The Synthetik original was a shooter who put a lot into the act. The original Synthetik had active reloads, a recoil mechanism to discourage gunning and running, and guns that could jam and overheat. It really wanted to help you get to know the act of pulling the trigger. In case you were worried it would be a boring game of fussy realism, there was an alternative 1985 android who was fighting the Machine Gods’ robotic servants.

Synthetik2 was originally announced in August with an Early Access release. However, it had to be delayed. Flow Fire Games, a Berlin studio, has announced that Synthetik 2 will be available in Early Access starting November 11. A new trailer explains the story and then gets into the good stuff. The good stuff is when a lot of robots are shot up and the beat drops. A spinning sawblade enemy looks right out of Disco. There are also jets that will surely be fun to shoot from the sky.

Synthetik 2 will add three new factions: the Machine S.A.T police forces, the Chrono Squad and the Shock Troops. It promises “Near-infinite replayability thanks to a new progression system combined new unpredictable environments with random elements and endless options for how to arm or upgrade yourself.” It will also include mod support and four-player coop.