Battlefield 2042 is a near-future multiplayer shooter in which 128 players duke it out across a series of massive, destructible maps. EA has released a nine-minute video called Exodus that reveals more about the game’s world and story. The film is not available until October.

The film features the return of Battlefield 4’s Kimble “Irish” Graves, played in this film by Michael K. Williams-y’know, Omar, from The Wire. Graves is now a no-pat soldier, and not a Marine. “Left behind, the displaced band together into ragtag fleets in search of safe harbour,” reads a story primer on the game’s official website. “The once wealthy and the poor, with backgrounds that are different, are forced together, determined, to survive.”

With its Hans Zimmer drones and blue-tinged color grading, the movie is cinematic in modern terms. It’s quite effective as a scene-setting piece for Battlefield 2042’s dark near-future setting. You can also find out more about the No-Pats or the current state of the world on the Battlefield website.

It is strange to see story-heavy marketing for an game that has made it clear there will be no singleplayer campaign. DICE seems to want to ensure that its world is more than just a huge explosion for 128 soldiers. Is the average player going to care? It might not be important, but it is there if you need it.

Battlefield 2042 will be released on October 21. You can live the No-Pat life. The most interesting thing revealed about it so far is Battlefield Portal, a custom game mode creator, but there’s one more mystery mode that still hasn’t been revealed, called Hazard Zone.