Home Features In Libya, the offensive of marshal Haftar failed

In Libya, the offensive of marshal Haftar failed



Three months after the beginning of its offensive against Tripoli, the marshal Haftar is losing ground and may be, at the same time, a little of his composure. In the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, the airstrikes targeted a detention center in the suburbs of Tripoli, resulting in several dozens of casualties. If no official cause has not yet been made, all charges the responsibility of that act to the war chief. A few days earlier, on 26 June, he had a big setback with the loss of the city of Gharian, which had established its command centre.

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This fall is a disability strategic for the libyan national Army (LNA), self-proclaimed Khalifa Haftar. The town, located 90 km south of Tripoli, had been taken on the 1st of April last, three days before the offensive against the capital, and the Government of national unity, …

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