Google showed how Android 11 will become more social

this year the presentation of the new, 11th version of the Android operating system, which is due out in the fall, is unusual – Google is gradually releasing videos on YouTube, which shows various innovations. Another video of this kind demonstrates the easy sending of content frequent contacts, placement of chat shortcuts on the desktop and the equivalent of “Apple” technology, AirDrop, now called Nearby Share.

So, the video shows an updated screen Share is designed to send links, photos, files and any other content. In addition to icons of frequently used applications reveals a number of suggested contacts are users with whom the user interacts often. Avatar is accompanied by the icon of the application in which you have been interacting. Clicking on it, you can immediately send the content to the appropriate chat.

When third-party apps will be introduced into a corresponding feature in Android 11, chats it will be possible to pin to the home screen or even keep before my eyes on top of other applications in the form of a floating bubble with the avatar of the interlocutor, the drop-down by clicking. Developers warn that you should not implement the possibility to open in this interface, other chat rooms, so as not to confuse the user. “Social” is the notification bar all notifications from chats will be posted in a conspicuous place, in the section “Conversations” (Conversations).

On the same screenshot with the screen “Share” right below the sent photo you can see two buttons – Copy, enabling you to quickly send the content to the clipboard, and Nearby. Last intended to be sent to nearby devices and uses for Bluetooth discovery and data transfer – Wi-Fi, so it can be used if you wish to share even the “heavy” content like movies.

Text: News.Hi-tech