the administration of the competition “Leaders of Russia” asked Twitter about the reasons of blocking of your account. Last week the social network has blocked 32 thousands of accounts allegedly involved authorities of different countries in some “information operations.” In this number were more than a thousand Russian accounts.

As a prestigious youth competition suddenly lost its official microblog account, not even his representatives still don’t know. Indeed, among the participants there are no famous politicians. Basically — outstanding youth from different regions of the country, which in the future is going to become a pillar of Russia’s development.

Twitter was blocked “Leaders of Russia” — one of thousands or more accounts associated with Russia, for propaganda. I don’t understand why we suffer”, — said the chief editor MIA “Russia today” and RT Margarita Simonyan.

Now the account of this contest in American popular microblog blocked. As another 30 thousand pages, and not only from Russia. Objectionable moderators are the users in different parts of the world.

“Set of accounts which we publish today, include three separate transactions, which we attributed to the people’s Republic of China (PRC), Russia and Turkey respectively. Each account and the portion of the content associated with these operations, was permanently removed from service. In addition, we shared relevant data from this deployment with two leading research partners,” explains the Twitter administration.

Among these partners — the Australian strategic policy Institute, beyond the ocean. But that didn’t stop us moderators to lock more thousands of accounts in far away Australia, Russia, accused of having links with a political party. However, only seven of them are actually associated with the “United Russia”. The rest is most often the views of individuals. Pichave tradal even businessmen whose accounts casually got under distribution. And SMM-specialists to create pages that was promoting bloggers have now lost all the work and customer base.

“This account is placed at the good news – for example, the development of the laser started a school built, a road was repaired, somewhere the birthday of astronaut, somewhere a firefighter rescued 50 kittens. I registered my first account in 2010. He entered advertising orders. Then develop a network. The total number of subscribers — 7 million people. Was advertising orders. We have these 20 accounts promoted 10 years. In order to do this now, you need to spend another 10 years”, says SMM-specialist Vladislav Andreenkov.

Some of the same name accounts are still “alive”, speaking in the slang of the bloggers, but they can expect the same fate. Good news from Russia may fall under the ban. Posts about the talented and living in areas of youth, cultural and natural heritage will block if the moderators suddenly decides that the author supported, for example, local authorities. Or she helped him to paint graffiti. Or hold other important social event. This “gift” the social network has made in Day of Russia.

“It happened in Day of Russia. This kind of very cynical “gift” to us, which prepared the Twitter network, which has long been blatantly uses the tools of political censorship. They blocked more than a thousand Russian accounts, blatantly stating that these accounts are linked with the authorities of the countries”, — said the Chairman of the Commission of Public chamber of the Russian Federation on development of information community, media and mass communications Alexander Malkevich.

to create a new account that will receive the support of such a large audience, usually takes years. Given the difficult time and social difficulties, many microbloggers will make it even harder. Yes and there is no guarantee that again will not block or delete.