Google is experimenting with

Google has been studying non-standard input device, which can be controlled by the electronics of the future. It is a “braid of I / o” – or, in fact, about smart lace-up that users will need to compress, stretch and stroke.

the Engineers of the search engine is called its development “spiral sensitive matrix” (HSM), writes The Verge. It is interwoven with capacitive and conductive threads that respond to touch and transmit signals to the target device.

Interacting with the wire, users can control music playback, change tracks and adjust the volume. Here’s how it looks:

In Google say their software is able to recognize gestures with an accuracy of about 94%. While HSM is at the stage of the research project, but in the future “smart” braid can be integrated, for example, the wires from the headphones or sewn into clothing.

last year, a patent for “Fabric with built-in electrical components” received the Apple. The document details the nuances of creating a smart fabric of interwoven conductive and insulating fibres.

Technology opens up broad prospects. Apple could start production of smart clothing, connected to iPhone, iPad and other products: for example, sports headbands, counting calorie consumption, or headgear that plays music through built-in headphones. Also “smart” fabric can be used in the manufacture of the watchband for the Apple Watch with integrated controls and camera.

Text: News.Hi-tech