Gmail has simplified settings

the Web version of Gmail coarsely reworked the structure of the setup menu. Now, click on the gear icon will open a sidebar with quick access to the most popular features.

the new panel, for example, you can change the display of Inbox and the reading pane, the theme and method of sorting mails. All changes take effect instantly, so users can first visually assess the new settings before you leave them.

Full settings menu will not go away, says the Google blog. To view all the available options, click on the button to See all settings (“View all settings”) at the top of the new panel.

New settings menu is already available for users of Gmail. For all its promise to include no later than the summer.

Previously, Gmail users have the opportunity to attach one letter to another, without forwarding or pre-download. This method is useful, for example, for people who have just joined the group conversation. Instead of reading a long chain of messages, they can immediately log in to the swing of things, reading only the important letters.

Text: To.Hi-tech