Enterprising business men warm hands on the panic with towers 5G

“Careless talk can lead to unspeakable consequences,” writes the Association of mobile operators in the UK about the attacks on cell towers. Estimated damage from actions of those who believe in popular conspiracy theories. In particular that the installation of 5G fuel the epidemic of coronavirus.

In the end, only in the Kingdom of the supporters of this idea have tried to destroy at least ninety base stations. Moreover, many of them were not the scary equipment for the fifth generation mobile communication.

And yet, as writes British press, this sabotage on the contrary only increases the risks to human life. Which at the right time can’t reach doctors or rescuers.

Well, while some people are trying to reach out to home-grown conspiracy theorists, others find ways like on this fashionable fear to make money. So, the English-language portals discuss a very popular product that allegedly protects you from radiation towers 5G. What is most interesting — it’s not a bunker and not a tin foil hat. And cream.

Instead of the popular anti-age — anti-G. And that’s not a typo on the Bank. The cream allegedly rescued from the notorious radiation of cell towers.

a Resident of Seattle earned the actual phobia half a million dollars. I was sold on the popular American online sites. The hype, the price has soared to $ 80 apiece.

“Many people think that selling sex, but in fact the best sold fear. People are now in a state of stress, trying to find various explanations. Moreover, different ways of protection against all possible dangers that can trap them,” — said Nikolai Perepelkin, assistant Professor of marketing REU them. G. V. Plekhanov.

Sales were almost six months. Didn’t even bother Frank delirium about 5G. Demand fell only after one of the buyers took the lotion in the lab. It turned out that in the composition — vaseline and sunscreen. So upossible, from what it will protect — tan. In addition to which, most likely, will give acne.

“very much Vaseline clogs the pores, and when applied on a dirty face, all face covered with pimples. Especially teenagers and their hormonal activity, secretion of sebum is active and if we all zakuporit like film, respectively, will be enormous, will be large, pus pimples,” — said Tatiana Egorova, doctor-dermatologist, cosmetologist.

On Amazon this cream anymore. The lot was removed after the scandal. But a lot of other SOS funds. For example, smart 5G shield. Allegedly for blocking the radiation of mobile phones, laptops and computers.

“Look, the radiation goes in all directions, here we have the phone. If we fasten on the phone a little, little disc about the size of a coin, this plate can protect against the radiation which extends to the other side? Even if this light represented a harm”, — says Evgeny Khorov, head of the laboratory for wireless networks Institute of information transmission problems for them. A. A. Kharkevich of Russian Academy of Sciences.

Gone are the days of foil hats and cacti at the monitors. These tools long been equated to the people. Equipment — including sell — stepped forward. Another lot — multifunctional cloth for grounding. In the comments of delight.

“You can sew it into the lining of a coat, to drape those Windows, the headboard, put in wallet to protect credit cards from remote reading, and even sew the fabric into the inner part of the hat and say goodbye to foil!”.

to Continue indefinitely — dozens of offers on a single site. Bandage for pregnant women, blankets, underwear — where without them — and the eternal classic — shungit from Karelia: from the damage, the evil eye and celullite now and with the function of protection from 5G!

“It’s really a very big problem and can be solved only by the extensive education of the population, to make people understand exacsche, as affected by electromagnetic waves, cell on our body, and what is the principle, and the limits of influence”, — said Alexander Review, candidate of psychological Sciences.

In a search engine request “protection from 5G” 23 million results. People continue to look for a magic pill or miracle cream.

by the Way, disappeared from the online shelves of America, he immediately materialized in Russia. We found that businessman decided to sell our exclusive product can of cream straight from the States for 1600 rubles. On the page that was created expressly for sale, warning “the Government blocks all, don’t spread this around the cream!”. But as soon as we asked, he himself believes in what he sells, would-be businessman got lost on the Internet.

Proved that the only potent cure from the threat of 5G, as well as from any lies — the truth.