Facebook showed VR glasses new generation

Engineers and Facebook owned Oculus are working on various innovative options VR devices, and I decided to show one of them, under a working prototype. Gadget that uses holography and optics ploskorelefnuju, looks like ordinary sunglasses.

In the OU Facebook called Reality Labs saying development allows to reduce the thickness of the display Assembly to the optics up to 9 mm is much less than the current VR glasses with LCD or OLED screens.

the Current prototype creates a monochrome image (see animation above), but engineers promise to Refine the technology, by displaying different colors with higher saturation. Such a prototype already exists, but not in a compact form factor. In addition, Facebook is going to upgrade the resolution of the holographic glasses to a level where human eyes can’t distinguish individual pixels.

This, of course, not the only problems that need to be addressed to make based on this prototype a commercial product. Glasses with such functionality should be standalone – you will need a compact and capacious battery, and support wireless transmission of high resolution images and be compatible with conventional glasses, which are forced to wear many users.

Text: To.Hi-tech