Russian economy may lose 7 trillion rubles from cyber attacks in 2021-m

the Loss of the Russian economy from cyber attacks can reach 7 trillion rubles. Such assessment gives the savings Bank.

however, many companies are still not ready to confront the threats. According to the study Threat Zone 2020, 83% of companies have no plans to restore and maintain the efficiency of the business in the event of a major incident.

According to the world economic forum (WEF), cyber attacks and data theft occupies the 9th place in the ranking of the most likely causes of the global crisis. While the damage from them is constantly growing and according to forecasts of the WEF in 2030 could reach 90 billion dollars.

an Important topic of future forums cyber security is preparing for massive cybercrisis that can happen in terms of the acceleration of digitization and the growth and activity of cybercriminals.

Bank of Russia for five months of the year recorded approximately 165 thousand attempted fraud using electronic means of payment in the amount of about 1.6 billion rubles. it was reported earlier the head of the regulator Elvira Nabiullina.

compared with last year, the number and volume of illicit transactions has decreased, said the head of the Bank of Russia. On average, individuals lose due to fraudulent activity about 10 thousand rubles. If the client is a legal entity, the size of the transaction without the customer’s consent about 152 thousand rubles.

About half of these operations occur in the procurement of goods and services on the Internet. Another third is transactions associated with online banking. About 10% of fraudulent transactions carried out using ATMs and POS-terminals.

last year, the volume of fraudulent transactions amounted to 6.4 billion rubles, the number of such operations is 576 thousand

She stressed that the most popular method, which is used by the cyber fraudsters, is still social engineering, when people give their personal details to fraudsters claiming to be Bank employeemi. Therefore, the share return of such funds are small.