Employees of Facebook said virtual strike on the decision Zuckerberg

the decision of the General Director of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg not to take any action in connection with controversial publications President Donald trump has led to a “virtual strike”. This is reported by the New York Times, CNN and other media, citing sources in the company.

a number of Facebook employees, most of whom are now working remotely in a pandemic COVID-19, on Monday said in a corporate system of personnel management that I take the day off. The human resources Department instructed managers not to punish anyone and did not deduct the missed day of paid vacation.

Previously, many members of the social network, including managers, have publicly expressed disagreement with the position of Zuckerberg. Last week, he said that Facebook will not take any action to the publications of Donald trump, as the social network should not take on the role of “arbiters of truth”. The same recording head of state Twitter had previously marked as potentially inaccurate, or hid from the auto show in connection with the “glorification of violence”.

Andrew Crowe, who heads a team of designers, devices Portal, wrote on Twitter: “to Provide a platform to incite violence and spread misinformation is unacceptable, regardless of who you are and do this hit the news. I do not agree with the position of the Brand and make efforts to change the situation.”

Zuckerberg wrote on his account Friday, a day hesitated how to deal with tweets of the President. He noted that he personally “instinctive” reaction to such “rhetoric, inciting hatred” is negative. At the same time, it is his duty to respond not only as individual but as “the leader of an organization committed to freedom of expression.”

Guide Facebook faces a difficult choice, says CNN. On the one hand, the adoption of measures to publications trump will conflict with the White house and give new arguments in the hands of the conservatives, insisting that the leading Internet companies of systematiCesky “choke” their statements. On the other hand, inaction may gain in the loss of valuable employees, whose beliefs contrary to the current policy of the company.

Text: To.Hi-tech