Services ads will try to win scams with authorization through the government services website

a Popular Russian classified ads website Avito, CYANOGEN, “Auto.Ru” and others together with the government want to experiment with user authorization using the Single system of identification and authentication (ESIA) of the Federal portal of public services. It is expected that this approach will effectively mitigate fraud.

according to “Kommersant”, the initiative was put forward by the Ministry of communications – this follows from the study publication of the draft decree of the government about the experiment. The working group on its implementation included, in addition to site owners ad, representatives of the Ministry of communications, Ministry of economy, industry and trade, Ministry of construction, Ministry of transport, the Federal registration service, the interior Ministry and the FSB.

Using ESIA for sites will be free, however, to spend money, you might still have to Refine their own authentication systems to make them compatible with the system on the website services. In the government publication announced that Avito, “Yandex” (owns “a Car.Ru”) and I became interested in the experiment, and representatives of the services confirmed their interest.

go to authorization through the IAIS, I believe in CYANOGEN, will allow to increase the level of trust towards customers and sellers to reduce fraud. And Avito noted that the initiative could simplify the workflow and make the user experience more comfortable and safe.

it is Expected that the experiment will start on 1 July.

Text: To.Hi-tech