Koch Media is decreasing expectations before its own Summer Sport Fest livestream.

Perhaps some phrase on Dead Island two, which we have been awaiting for years with nothing to maintain our focus however repeated assurances that it is still happening? Or Maybe a look at another Saints Row? Timesplitters? A more shot, sure, however, given the very recent time of this statement, not entirely from the realm of chance.

Unfortunately, it appears that none of this will occur. At a tweet posted before now, Deep Silver dialed expectations manner down.

“To give you a head’s up, you won’t find Dead Island, Saints Row, either Metro or even TimeSplitters there (or in any E3 2021 occasion ). We’ll allow you to know if we’ve got news to discuss.”

New games out of Koch-owned programmer Flying Wild Hog, Shadow Warrior 3 and Evil West, will also be chances, also as a whole shot in the dark maybe we will hear something fresh in Kingdom Come: Deliverance programmer Warhorse Studios.

Koch still has lots of arrows in its entirety, simply not necessarily those that we had been hoping to have shot us. Nonetheless, it’s probably a wise move to have this out there today: It is much better to keep expectations low and shed a few surprises compared to come in with a complete head of hype and nothing more to provide.