The DC fighter cellphone variant sure did challenge gamers to beat up a queer lady.

Look. As a queer lady, I do not really expect (or even desire ) far from game developers from Pride. Maybe we will find a modest in-game badge, or even any wonderful artwork of all of the game’s supported queer characters.

That sure was a decision, I suppose?

For a little while today, botanical supervillain Poison Ivy continues to be depicted as canonically bisexual, also continues to be paired up with Harley Quinn in the past couple of decades. At a kind of roundabout method of representing this connection, NetherRealm (which manages the PC/Console and cellular versions of this DC fighting game) provided Injustice two Mobile players increasing quantities of Quinn and Ivy costume tokens should they jointly pummelled the eternal crapout of this latter.

The neighborhood had allegedly made it into 175,000 takedowns until NetherRealm started yanking its own promotions, and the studio has since apologised for any”inappropriate and insensitive” institutions surrounding the struggle.

In the conclusion of the afternoon, the entire situation is only a textbook illustration of pinkwashing–the action of corporations embracing activist terms to their own gain. Injustice two Mobile provides these sorts of challenges all of the time.

Perhaps stick to only giving people a wee rainbow star next moment, yeah?