Sony hasn’t specified a brand new release date for God of War 2 but confirmed it’ll launch on PS4 and PS5.

Still, the game is planned to launch both PS4 and PS5, alongside Gran Turismo 7 along with Horizon Forbidden West.

Within an interview on the PlayStation Blog, mind of PlayStation Studios Hermen Hulst said programmer Sony Santa Monica Studios was affected by the limited access to specialist technology like motion capture gear. This caused the studio to delay another God of War entrance.

“And for God of War, the job started a little later,” Hulst said. “So we have made the decision to push that game out to the next year, to make sure that Santa Monica Studio can provide the wonderful God of War game which we all would like to play.”

Hulst also referenced Horizon Forbidden West, stating that job could miss its holiday 2021 launch as developer Guerrilla Games is”working as hard as [it] may” to complete it.

“With these things, something gotta give,” Hulst afterward said. “It cannot possibly be the quality of our titles, and it certainly will not be the wellbeing or the health of our amazing team.”

Guerrilla Games echoed this sentiment, saying it will”remain focused on delivering a top notch game while keeping the security and health of our staff, creative partners, and families.”

News about God of War: Ragnarok was comparatively scarce because its Travels back in September 2020. So little is known about the game that it’s still unclear if it’s going to even be called Ragnarok.

Information about God of War 2 and Horizon Forbidden West isn’t all Hulst revealed in the interview, since Sony confirmed the next Gran Turismo game will allegedly push both PS4 and PS5.