the Company “Yandex” introduced the fourth generation of its self-driving cars. The drone on the base model Hyundai Sonata 2020 became the first “smart” machine, which the search engine has developed their own, and with the active participation of the automaker. About it Вестям.Ru according to the company.

the Engineers of “Yandex” has helped Hyundai Mobis – “daughter” of the concern Hyundai Motor Group. In the framework of cooperation South Korean firm altered electronic control units, which were originally created for person under Autonomous driving system, while the Russian – improved set of sensors.

“Cameras have become more, a camera with a different focal length. Radars are now located on the roof and allow the system to distinguish between more cars in front and behind the car, – told in “Yandex”. – Lidars on the front wings could do better ‘see’ pedestrians and vehicles, with limited side-view. For example, when leaving the yard to the street, on the sides where you parked the other cars”.

testing the “yandexmoney” new type began in March. According to representatives of the company, 4th generation “machines of the future” can be seen on the streets of Moscow.

As expected, about a hundred “wiser” Hyundai Sonata will join the fleet of “Yandex” to the end of the year. In addition to Moscow, part of them will be used in the service unmanned taxi in Innopolis and be tested on roads in the United States.

Hyundai Mobis and “Yandex” has signed the Memorandum of creation of “hardware and software complex for unmanned vehicles” in March 2019. In the future, they have developed a platform to attract carsharing companies and taxi services.

Text: To.Hi-tech