In the ecosystem services of the Russian search engine new — “Yandex.Teleconference”. As reported Вестям.Ru in a press-service “Yandex”, it is designed for video conferencing and will allow people to quickly collect remote meeting or chat with friends online.

In the first phase, “Yandex.Teleconference” works in some browsers and a mobile application “Yandex.Disc” and “Yandex.Mail” for Android and iOS. To use the service, for example, in Safari or Firefox until you get it — will have to install Chrome or “Yandex.The browser”. But it works in the desktop version “Yandex.Disk”. The integration of the “Teleconference” with other browsers and products of “Yandex” promised to implement later.

Create a new hangout, visit the supported browser at or in the above-mentioned mobile applications. The link which can join the other participants, will be copied to the clipboard automatically. Will just have to copy it into an email or send via instant messenger.

the Duration of video conferencing “Yandex.Teleconference” are not limiting. Currently in the service of functions available only to disable audio and video and stream the screen. In the future, “Yandex” promise to add “additional features”.

Until recently, video services in an ecosystem of “Yandex” did not exist. Just this spring one on one video chats appeared in “Yandex.The messenger”. “Yandex.Teleconference” uses proprietary technology, as well as elements of the platform video conferencing with Jitsi is open source, the need to distinguish between WebRTC API. Jitsi is owned 8×8.

Text: News.Hi-tech