Why Tesla doesn't need is: 10 examples

Tesla never spent money on traditional advertising, while other automakers spent billions.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is not configured completely against advertising. A few years ago, at the quarterly conference for the discussion of financial indices, he even suggested that Tesla will eventually mark up the advertising budget, because it will support media and journalism needs support.

However, the activities of Tesla and Twitter posts Elon musk has proven many times that traditional advertising company is not required. Musk apparently too busy to think about advertising, so he just makes the news myself. Here are 10 examples:

Run Tesla into space

Rocket, the Falcon Heavy, which SpaceX has launched in 2018, was to carry some payload, and Musk has decided that Tesla is the perfect option. Sent into space by his own red Roadster. Car, manned space suit “Starman” was released into space and, as expected, could reach Mars (if very lucky). About this event wrote probably all the media and said the majority of bloggers and social media.

ventilation of the electric vehicle

Ford and General Motors have teamed up with GE Healthcare and manufacturer Ventec soon after there were fears that the increase in cases COVID-19 will lead to exhaustion of the limited supply of the ventilator in the United States. Engineers Tesla has posted a video where he used the technology and parts for the production of electric cars to create a prototype ventilator that can be quickly manufactured. The basis is the parts of the ventilation system and conditioning of the electric vehicle and the Central computer screen of the infotainment system.

Sale baseball caps for dealing with congestion

Musk was stuck in traffic in Los Angeles a few years ago and was so outraged that he founded conelectricasth concern “Boring Company” to dig tunnels under congested freeways to speed the transit. The company has collected for these purposes a million dollars in 2018 by selling baseball caps. Later, she collected more selling flamethrowers. None of this was directly related to Tesla, but Musk has received another batch of its PR image, bold problem-solver and innovator.

capitalization Growth

the Best free advertising Tesla comes from wall street and investors obsession with the history of the growth of the automaker. Each trading day is potentially a Tesla is. Limit market at $ 150 billion, Tesla currently by market capitalization exceeds GM, Ford and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles put together. At the same time, sales of cars from the company, the Mask is much lower.

the Name of the son of the Mask

Even from the birth, the Mask managed to make a media event. The baby was named X Æ A-12. Later, the mother of a newborn in his “Twitter” deciphered the unusual name of the son, explaining that “X” is an unknown variable, the symbol “Æ” she’s in Elvish means love or artificial intelligence, “A-12” is the plane on which there are no weapons, just speed, he shows himself in battle, but peaceful. In addition, the letter “A” is encrypted the name of her favorite song “Archangel”.

Musk has smoked marijuana and talked about it all

the show’s host Joe Rogan podcasts offered his guest, the head of Tesla Elon musk, smoke a mixture of tobacco and marijuana. The entrepreneur was surprised to react to the actions of Rohan when he started Smoking in the Studio. Musk asked whether it is lawful, and received a positive response. Musk admitted that “regular marijuana does not smoke”. The interviewer asked the Mask, if he did it before. The businessman replied in the affirmative. “Yes, I think that once tried,” said he. Rogan suggested that Musk can’t afford to use drugs due to shareholders to which he replied that this is entirely legal. This again reinforced the reputation of the Mask as an eccentric rebel. However, the market did not appreciate infopovod — Tesla shares fell 4 percent after the news.

Speech at the Sorbonne

In 2015 year, Musk called for the introduction of a tax on carbon dioxide emissions, based on the philosophy of Tesla and combining it with the imperative of combating global warming through large-scale public policy. A typical way Musk revealed that he and Tesla cared about much more than just about selling cars. But the demonstration that they cared about more than selling cars… help Tesla to sell more cars. By the end of 2019, he has put nearly 250,000 electric cars.

Solar initiatives

At the event in Los Angeles Tesla introduced the “solar roof” Solar Roof, high-tech product which combines the energy harvesting with the existing business Tesla’s production of electric vehicles. The idea of the synergy of the businesses was as follows: to charge the Tesla from the Tesla batteries that store solar energy from the roof of the Tesla. However, the main idea behind the merging companies Solar City and Tesla Motors was the bailout of the manufacturer of solar cells — is there in Solar City at the Mask was cut, and the head of the company was his cousin.


last year, Musk unveiled an electric pickup Cybertruck with futuristic design, a stream took place on the YouTube channel of Tesla. Unknown whether the concept is the real production model, but the hype in the media he has already made — about the strange truck, wrote all media, and Network users have made a race joke, create art, memes on the subject of unusual cars.

Elon Musk is a superhero

Musk was a role model for Robert Downey Jr., who played the superhero Tony stark in the Marvel movies “Iron man”. So every time the MCU movies came out on screen and includes Iron man, Musk and Tesla received additional PR, reminders of what the “real” Tony stark is hard at work in Los Angeles and is changing the world undoubtedly for the better (unlike the character of Tony stark, once created the evil Android with artificial intelligence).