These reasons to delay the next update to Windows 10

may 27 for all available major update to Windows 10 – it’s now possible to download through the service Windows Update. However, the newspaper notes SlashGear, there are many arguments in favor of not to rush with the installation of May 2020 Update, known as Windows 10 2004.

Messages about missing user data as one of the previous major updates, not yet. However, some users due to some specific configuration of their computers or used third-party software can cause problems. After all, despite which lasted several months testing update “insiders”, test it for compatibility with all existing configurations of computers and impossible.

this time Microsoft, however, has made every effort to warn customers. First, about the possible problems reported on the special page of the official website. Among these potential problems – failures in audio transmission in Bluetooth systems with audiochip Realtek and incompatibility with some older Nvidia graphics cards.

Windows 10 warns that this computer update 2004 is not yet compatible

second, owners of incompatible configurations are warned that their computers the next version of Windows 10 is not ready yet (an example of the window-see warning above). This will avoid the case in past situations where such users are not receiving updates via Windows Update, found ways to put it to bypass the service manually and got the result in serious computer problems.

Text: To.Hi-tech