What is not said Apple: the important little things in iOS 14

on the Eve of the announcement of iOS 14 — the next major version of the operating system for iPhones. At the opening ceremony of the conference WWDC, which this year is taking place in an online format, Apple has only discussed the key changes, but behind the scenes left a lot of interesting features and improvements. Here’s what else will bring the new operating system.

First of all, iOS 14 will be a new setting that will allow you to open third-party apps access your entire photo library, but only to individual images and videos. For example, if a user wants to share the album in Instagram, he will be able to give permission to view only certain elements in the Photos. All other pictures stored in phone memory, it will be unavailable.

a series of other improvements in iOS 14, related to confidentiality, include the ability to share not accurate geolocation, but only an approximate location, the ability to enable “sign in with Apple” (Sign in with the Apple) for accounts, as well as a new indicator, notifying you record on the camera and microphone.

Left — customizing your home screen, right — App Library

In iOS 14 for the first time a widgets and app library App Library — a separate page on the home screen where the apps are automatically sorted and spread out on thematic folders (social, entertainment, games and so on). As noted by 9to5Mac, the OS settings can specify that new applications were not on the home screen, but only in the folder “recently added” in the App Library.

in addition, you can make red circles on the notifications on the icons only show up in the App Library. Both these possibilities will not give to grow the pages on your home screen and will hide sometimes annoying notifications.

Finally, iOS 14 will be allowed to control the iPhone, tapping on the rear panel. This “secret” feature about which nothing is said in the presentation, called Double Tap, and it will be available in the section “Universal access”. For example, double-tapping the case, it will be possible to return to the home screen, enable silent mode or to lock the device, and a triple tap to lower the volume, activate Siri or take a screenshot. The behavior of Double Tap, users can adjust at their discretion.

the Public beta iOS 14 will be released later this summer. A stable release is expected in autumn, in September and October. New OSes can be installed on all devices where available iOS 13, including the iPhone 6 and older iPhone SE (both generations) and iPod touch (7th generation).

in Addition to iOS 14, was presented a new version of the operating systems iPadOS, watchOS and macOS. Apple also announced Mac c Intel processors with ARM chips of its own design.

Text: To.Hi-tech